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Pop a Cap!

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EDIT: A bit late with this, but yay for front page. Wee.

Siblings mini-Episode 1: Pop a Cap!
Rob mimics a show on TV which leads to the fall of Johny.

As the title suggests, this isn't a full episode. Rather, it's a quick minute of Siblings to hold you over until episode 4 comes out (which shouldn't take more than a month to finish). I've practiced with making better playback features in this, but expect episode 4's to be better. Hover the mouse at the bottom of the flash window to reveal them. I've also figured out how to easily put subtitles in without taking up too much space (just uses a single frame movieclip and a variable, so simple I'm surprised I didn't think of it sooner), so those of you who are always wanting me to put those in can rest easy.

So I hope you guys enjoy this; Make sure to leave a review. I read and appreciate them all! (as long as they're actually reviews and not pointless spam)

More episodes:

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Hey, not just one great animation, but a whole collection of them. Crazy concepts, good voice acting, and then just... random hilarity ensues. Keep it going!



I gOt "WHAT THE HELL" twice from him


lols to the animated disembodied spazzy ending head!!!!!!!! 8D

now try saying that at mach speed. really. it's hard. Took me, like, 30 tries and lots of "spadding" before I could get past the spazzy part. xP

I think I'll put up audio for it... hmm....


See, all i can say is this stuff, your older stuff, is way better than that new, but funny, nonsense, that you now post. This stuff has a lot more substance. It's just better altogether, i wish you would come back to this.

Short, but with good reason.

You put in everything it needed, and very little that didn't need to be in.
This is also well thought out with the title too, and how crazy you are.
You just roll that way.