Egypt Puzzle

September 6, 2007 –
November 11, 2010
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Unravel the mysteries of ancient hieroglyphs that will help you restore the glorious pyramids.

Truly original, innovative and extremely addictive gameplay will keep you moving these bricks for hours on end. Crack the intriguing puzzles of the past and unlock the secrets of the pharaohs!


Like the idea but look wow how orignal
it dont start LOL weres the update link?

it seems good and fun, BUT like evryone else said, you can't play it

i agree

as below - this game should be updated or deleted

As others have said, can't play the game. Delete it.

can't play this with flash 10

I could play this game for hours! Really one of those time consumers...

just go to gametop.com and you can play there. It didn't work for me here either, but this site rawks

Says to update to version 7, I'm on 10.

it says to update my player to 7, yet I have the latest. 9 i think?

I have been playing this game non-stop for four days.
It's amazing and definitely a lot of fun.

there is one word to explain this BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not bad. Could have been better, perhaps, if there were some explosions. Few things on this planet can't be solved with heavy explosives. Good time- killer at any rate.

It's a good game, gets you thinking... since I don't think
But, one problem, if this is a game for the strategist who like to take their taim, why is time pointed out at the end of every level?

its was to boring to play and it woukd take ages to0 play

It was okay but i dont wanna sit for hours playin a color matching game...it was pretty good tho

Seriously, it's all I play. 5/5 But 8/10 because you can't actually finish it. I get why money and such, it's just a shame. Great game all the same though.

its somthing my mom could prolly get into. she is like in love with games like this, and absolutly loves mahjon or how ever u spell it. i also could see myself playing this game more offten

Its really boing,its dumb,&way to easy.

a cool twist on the overdone match 3 game (thanks for the twist by the way... even though i think ive seen it once or twice before) but it just wasnt enough to keep me entertained... plus the whole "please buy" thing... 4/10 2/5

cant wait to play it again... :)

9 points for a great game.

Minus 10 points for the whole "please buy".


I got though what's there fairly quickly, then was presented with "please buy"
It was just getting challenging...

although whats there is nice

I would have to say, this is my all time favorite game, thus far. The only thing i don't like is that its not a 100% free game. I spent a few hours getting through the game, and then boom, "please buy". Fuck that. =\. Oh well, gotta make a living some how huh? Well i'm dying for a part 2. Keep up the good work.

Wow, this game is so f****ing addicting! The gameplay is perfect, but you should insert a passwort or saving system, for that you can continue playing after taking a break (because you had to work, go to school and so on.)

10/10 and 5/5!!!

Awesome game i love it 10/10

THIS IS AN AWSOME STRATEGY GAME,KEEP UP THE HELL DAMN WORK,IT'S,THE GREATEST STRAGETY GAME I'VE PLAYED!!!!!!!!!!sereiously,its awsome.i love it,i wanna play more,buh,i have school temorow,so,yeah,NICE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

needs a save function or select a level option

this puzzle is seriously addictive. a clever concept, nice to look at and generally quite well thought-out. i say 'quite' well, because to me it was lacking 1 quite big thing - some sort of level password. other than that, bloody brilliant.

this game really is not bad but it could be better with more challange like a time limit to work with or the blocks you use cost you points (game over when your out of points) or limited # of moves per stage. for ideas but all in all really good

bad ass game addictive

i love this freken game

very very fun. interesting way to set up a puzzle game

I hate puzzle games. I love this game. Pretty wierd. I really like the levels of difficulty. Nice and easy and it gets pretty freakin' hard. Good job on the flash, thanks for making it.

Good game.

Cheers :)

I liked this game but it could really benefit from a save feature. Also, I can't give a perfect score because at a certain point the game cuts you off. I really don't appreciate this, please only upload complete games or at least indicate in your comments that you are not going to do so.

it was real fun at the begining but it got boring later in the game

it was a good game but it gets boring after like the 5th level

It was a very interesting concept, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring it. It was a lot of puzzles, though! Not my complaint. Great job.

I went trough all of them, it's easy but it's good for wasting time, it definitely needs a save function.

I found 2 "bugs"

1st sometimes when you finish levels, especially the ones at the end, the popup whit the result don't appear and I need to spam tab+enter till it hits "restart" and when I hit restart the box whit score appears but my score is reset to 0 for the next level.

2nd, sometimes the arrows on the boxes appear on the wrong direction and they comeback after hitting another block so I need to send them like 10 times for they to stop coming back.

and yeah it is boaring after like 10 puzzles but id recamened it for people with better attion span than me :P

This deffinatlly is a fun game...great for all you puzzle gamers out there...it does get a little boring after a little while which is why it didn't get a 10 from me.

10/10Great game.I loved it.A great stragity game I must say.

Fantastic Game.Kept Me Busy For Ages.

It was okay for the first few levels, but then it got hard, and then boring. Alright if you're into that kind of thing, though.

it kept me busy for half an hour then my girl started whyning about lack of attention:P
anyway great game

good one

This game is awesome! Original, interesting, no-nonsense... A very kewl game. And the visuals? Excellent!

great job, finally a game that has both originality and good looks. :D 5/5

I played that thing for an hour! Good job.

The Game was very time consuming, i loved it.. i would just shoot any random block and i would win the level lol.

Very good job on this fine game!

Very nice graphics and music. The gameplay is interesting, although I found it to be highly similar to a lot of other games out there. Needs something to make it more original. The biggest drawback is that there is no save function. There are far too many play levels for a game that can't be saved.

Fun game, but as it is more of a fun diversion, it desperatly needs a save function. It was especially frustrating not to have one when the game froze once (which may not have been the game's fault).

I liked this game, even though I'm not normally a big fan of puzzle games. It was actually pretty fun!

Great game! Smooth, nicely-styled and NO TIME LIMIT!
Music stings are nice and fitting of the style, but the ONLY shortcoming I can find is the lack of a 'mute' button.
And if that's the WORST I can think of, this game is pretty darn good. ^_^

Thanks for sharing!

enjoyed it!

Great lil puzzle game you've made, kept me wanting to play it for a good bit. Nice and simple, yet complex at some points.

I general like puzzle games but this made me pretty tired pretty fast... theres no cahllenge what so ever...

Great game, i like it alot. 10/10 5/5

Played it for a few hours only to discover that the online version only lets you play part of the way through. I guess I should be glad otherwise I would've spent all day on the next 20 levels.

I really liked this game. It was very addictive and challenging. I was pleased that you could use the undo as much as you liked, and that you were rewarded for using more than the bare minimum of blocks. My only problems were two glaring bugs; after making one combo of three, the blocks didn't disappear (but did so after hitting the undo button and redoing the move), and after i beat one of the levels, the game just froze. Other than that, this game was one of the most entertaining puzzle games that i've played.

very cool idea

The game was fairly entertaining, though I wasn't overly clear as to whether I was meant to be getting the pieces off the board rapidly, or comboing them as much as possible...
Also, the teeny tiny board is a little hard to see.

i spent about 30 mintues on this game, 1 i was tired and jsut woke up 2. it was addicting hahahah, good stuff man, word of advice though make the screen a little bigger so people can see the pieces better

This game was okay because it was a puzzle game . With an IQ of 143 I was able to beat your game in five minutes and ten secounds .

when I scroll down to hit the play button the entire game screen moves down as well hiding the botton below the screen
i cant rate this because i literally can't play the game
I dont know if it the site or my computer because others have been able to play it


PS. (belay the rating i had to rate it SOMETHING to have it put up, I didnt give it a 0 but i cant give it a ten, YET)

An Excellent puzzle game that entertained me for a few hours. Got to the third pyramid then got stuck :P.

Again it needs passwords, save option just anythuing like that but otherwise, a great puzzle game.

Really enjoyed it but hav to agree with the others need to be able to save or maybe a password option would be alot better!!

Absolutely fantastic. Kept me busy for several several hours. Only thing, the ONLY thing that i had against it was that you cant save your progress. got somewhere close to the 4th pyramid and had to get off. And now i have to start all over? Bummer. But immensly entertaining as is. keep it up.

Nice game, excellent strategic value, but you need to be able to save. With so many levels it's a pain to have to redo them all when you wan't to play another time. If you could add a save feature this game would be perfect.

when you win the game you are stuck, It doesnt move to the next level. I played for 3 levels then got stuck with no tiles left, and no moves left not good you need to work on this game.

Fun little game. Good to kill time with.

This is a really great game, but i found one tiny small thing.
If you have two block going like this [>][<] you cant beat it even if all the block that you need to get are gone (the ancher block ones)

Really nice game though i think i used to long time <.< i used like 3 hours on this game ^^

I wasted a whole afternoon on this game. great work... keep it up.

Great game. I played all last night. Then came back today to finish, and realized I'd have to start over. Please make it so you can save your progress somehow!!!

You made a great game!
The sounds are nice, the animation is well done too!
And he theme is mysterious! :P
I like Egypt :P
Do a game like this about medieval stuff! :P


I like the concept and it's pretty orrrigional, (and kinda addicting) I just can't sit still long enough to finish the entire thing @.@

kinda dull.nedds beter music.

See summary.

the only thing missing is a save function! Other than that - awesome

save function.

Other than that, pretty good. A few other glitches.

This game is very suitable for all ages. It helps stimulate thought. Great for young children. It reminds me of a game I dearly love. Great work.

A very unique twist on the classic slider puzzle.

Its ok but it could also use some improvements.

not rellymuch to say good job

its a lame game but i cant stop playing it... maybe im lame

i thought the game was preaty lame. but thats just my opion. It was simple though easy to get the hang of and what not. the gameplay and graphics is why i gave u a 6. i didnt want to give you anthing lower because this game is very original and the game play wasnt bad and the graphics were ok.

i dont know i just didnt like it 6/10 3/5

it was pretty simple but it was a very good game keep it up

Freakin' great, the puzzle element was original and I love the Egyptian theme.

Really good. Although you can go through the levels just by clicking randomly, it takes a good eye and lots of skill to do it in as lest turns as possible. Really cool. REALLY original. Finally a DIFFERENT strategy game other than the same old things. Although it would be nice to have some cool power-ups or something to add some spice.

A+ dude. A+.

Seriously I sat through to the second pyramid and almost made myself late for work because it's so damn addicting. Kudos dude. Great Game you've made here.

i like it its like that cubits i like how tthe templesthing pyrimids give you new blocks

At first this game seem a little too simple and easy but after a few levels it gets alot more interesting and dificult. I got got stuck on a few levels but eventualy got through do to a bug. The bug is that when you send off a block and click back and send the same block of again the new block that is generated in the back of the row can be and usualy is different. This bug might not work out all the time but when i got stuck i usualy could find a way for it to work.
Overall.... 8 out of 10 because it is a good game with good grafix good gameplay that gets chalenging. You might have gotten a 9 if you had fixed that bug though.

...but gets boring after like an hour...really fun though

I enjoyed it, especially since there was no timer which allowed me to do it one piece at a time while taking notes on my lecture.

yeah i liked it.
i think is great

Liked it a lot. A neat new kind of puzzle game that required more strategy the further you got, especially if you didn't have the pieces you needed. Good fun and addicting!

same thing over and over. tho its quite original and cool, the game sorta gets boring.

pretty cool

wonderful and different, purely awesome.

I like those puzzle game, and this one wasn't different. The beggining was very easy but it got harder and harder! It really takes time to pass a level, this makes the game a little boring. The graphics were very well made and the sound was nice. It isn't a very original game, but it's still cool.
You should have made a new mode, maybye a "create a puzzle" mode. Also, you should have added a save feature, because I've played this for over 20 minutes and passedonly the first pyramid. It would be really cool if you have added that.
But I still like the game. Make a second version of it with the save feature.

to easy and boring

way to easy and boring

Woot a woot! this game is the shizznit baby

I love puzzle games like this ,Great time waster!

i really liked the game

But you gotta have the time to do it but overall its a good'un!

Good game, great idea.

Simple but bloody addictive...

omg great game, i played to lvl 9 and then i quit but it was hilarius


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3.79 / 5.00