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This is the sequel to Obnoxius. Guide green & orange to their homes. But hey, they are jumping together but walking alone...This game is a mixture between platform and puzzle in some places.


(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Not the most original game, but still very well made and very addicting to play this game. I really like the music, it reminds me of Tetris Attack for SNES, which was a great game. The game play was really smooth and quite challenging at some points.

^^Needs Improving^^
I don't really like the layout of this. The buttons are kind of ugly if you ask me.


Nothing new. There is also a glitch which makes both the orange and green guy invisible. Please add something like more challenging split levels, power ups, power downs, thinking (non-annoying) music, cool background, and bonus features like trophies for beating times, getting secrets (on the level where there is a stair case making a filled arrow, there could have been an invisible bonus), and you can buy them with points, while there could be a new feature like team mode for two players, have some enemies, add locked doors, add keys by color, add lives, add powerups like speed, jump, invincibility, extra time, or a vacuum which would suck weak blocks, add powerdowns which would subtract points, lower speed, lower jump, temporary invisibility or paralisis, or poison which you lose a life every time you pass by your partner, or even have a brutal mode like you control four. You could also have added modes like brutal mode (earlier), custom mode [change color, change features on characters, and choose style of game (like precise, planning, training, or fun)] mode, multiplayer mode (earlier), trial mode, editor mode, and point mode [buy stuff like a disintegrator-1, which would burn everything on your left (switch items-z x use-space) for three seconds, disintegrator-2 (right), dis-A (Bottom), dis-B (top), trophies, taunts (equip and space will cause a noise), crossed fingers to prevent poison, jet pack (3 seconds) and cleets for jumping on enemies to destroy them]. Add some effects too. I beat it under 5 minutes.

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cruzader responds:

Hahaha, nice comment kid! I'm hoping you'll develop a game on your own - should be great with these ideas. And please don't blame me for not implementing master's thoughts. ;)

nice game

31505 points i dindt get lvl 25 :D but nice game tho. maybe a green and pruple next time ? :D

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It was a great fun game. There were a few glitches i noticed on level 32 where green would go through blocks but that was all. it does get a little repetitive though.

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660000 points!

I really liked this game. It was very challenging and and I had a lot of fun thinking how to pass the levels! Very well done job. Also, the beer button was funny.

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3.77 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2007
6:29 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle