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This is the sequel to Obnoxius. Guide green & orange to their homes. But hey, they are jumping together but walking alone...This game is a mixture between platform and puzzle in some places.


Very Fun

I really liked this game and actually played to the end and usually never do that.
it was fun liked the sound and music but you could have made passwords and maybe unlockables if you win at a level fast enough so hopefully if you make another game you could integrate those thanx c ya

wow all 50 lvls >.<

i did it and i have to say tword the end it got challenging, good concept but i did notice a few problems.

1. sometimes the block things i guess didnt have the motivation to jump as high on certain areas or certain times.
2. on the last lvl i dont know what i did but i got the orange box to glitch the ceiling of his 'cell' making winning difficult cause they were on differnt lvls.

all in all though it was a fun game and a good time waster, though passwords or a save function might get others to keep playing til the end

prity good

i liked it. i never played obnoxius 1, but i liked this one. the graphics where good and so was the sound. i liked how they said hi if they passed. but after a while i got bored and quit. if u make a nother game ading enimys and maby wepons would be good.

Same as what roger said.


good game, but...

...it sucks that you lose autmatically just because you mess up a single level - I got to level 37 or so, and I just don't have the motivation to try it again, the game isn't *that* good. ;)

Also, (although maybe that comes in the later levels), you didn't make enough use of the potential difficulties of the two figures moving simultaneously, in most levels they are just mirrored.

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3.77 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2007
6:29 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle