Animal's student -ep02-

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<About the story of episode 2>
Two weeks passed since Murakami came to this class.
He sleeps during a class as ever.
Even if Murakami could fly into a rage, it was usually a quiet student.
However, one day, Murakami goes on the rampage in the time for preventive injection...

<Background story of Animal student>
The stage is an elementary school in the suburbs of the big city in Japan in 1980's. A story of the time when there was not yet a convenient mobile telephone or a portable game console. One who changed school in the elementary school<One of them> It is a story to surround a transfer student and classmates.
At dusk of one day, Yoko saw one truck during leaving school. What there was on there... .
One transfer student comes over the next day in the class. The child named Murakami was that child who got on a truck yesterday who did the figure of "the animal". Next Murakami who sit down in its seat who was not crowded next to a proton. In a class, may Murakami get along well as expected from now on?

- Murakami -
The boy who did the figure of the animal which changed school in the character Class 4 of the third grade. Other than what I transferred from the suburban town to, it is wrapped in a mystery. An animal action is brought into question.... .

- Yoko katakura -
The chief character of the story to sit down next to a seat of Murakami. As for the considerate one side to worry about whether you can do it well while half hating an action of Murakami.


Nice animation, dodgy translation.

It's the translation from Japanese to English that is messed up (probably machine translation?). The original Japanese is perfectly fine. Learn Japanese and don't look at the subtitles. ;-)

In particular "Animal's Student" should be "Animal Student".


Seems too anime-like to be a Flash cartoon.
That's both good and bad.


i realy like it
but it makes me sad :(

Great animation

That was great animation and graphics!
but not to fond of the subtitles


The only thing that I don't find amazing in here is the translation/speech....not sure if the roughness is intentional or if it's the direct translation from Japanese....
other than that, amazing stuff.

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