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Zipstyke goes for a walk

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What interesting things will Zipstyke see?

daily 1st thx so much

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Probably the best animation I've ever -

- seen in my entire life. Thankyou sir. You know, I would like to describe to you the way that I like and fancy your beautiful animation. When a cat walks through the garden on a crisp winters morning, as it finds itself a meal or at the very least something to play with, the feeling that the voluptuous feline has. That is what I feel for this movie. The intense session that I have, when I decide that it definitely is in my best interests to go for that mouse than I have eagle-eye spotted from the other side of the garden, or when I think that now would be the best moment in time for me to jump to the fence, and walk sceptically yet proudly along the top of it. No one can take me down. No one can make me fall. I am the cat. I am Zipstyke. The cat. Should I be afraid? I think not.

Or perhaps you would like to think of the way that a haridresser feels when they have their first customer come in in the morning. A beautiful person with a full head of hair comes in and asks for the full job. The full job, you the hairdresser says. I am looking forward to that. With a glimmer in your eye, you, the hairdresser, picks up the scissors and proceeds to cut away. This makes you happy. As a whole, and and a normal person, you are happy to have been there, to give this person a new outlook on life. That is what you have done for me, my friend.

And for that I thank you.



EnglishClock responds:

and hello to you too




i like..

your style...its not that u just through it together in one minute but other wise pure geniouse :D


okay if that was ur first then good start otherwise wow...just wow

Not bad.

Gotta love the music, and in a way I wanted to find out more but I got bored quickly. Nice use of light humour tho. Not bad for a very simple flash, for what it actually is it's worth a look.