Hungry are the Dead

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Hungry Are the Dead


Aim with the mouse, click to shoot.

If you have grenades, then hold the space bar to aim and click the mouse to throw.

You can upgrade your weapon and grenade capacity and power.

When ammo power is fully upgraded, a single bullet can penetrate 2 zombies at once.

You can buy defensive barricades in the scroll box at the upgrade menu. These barricades will degrade to nothng if zombies destroy them. Some are stronger then others.

You will be ranked on accuraccy,number of waves survived and kills, and ranked accordingly in the end.


I've always wanted to do a zombie defence game, kinda a dream of mine, but actionscript was never really my thing. Thankfully Bernd Ameel stepped in and we did this project well enough to get what is my very first sponsorship on a game. Very proud to meet the high standards of TurboGames, and I believe we have something here that should keep many people looking for a solid zombie shooting game entertained for a while.

Those of you who wanted more variety in gameplay ( like different weapons ) , mabey you should go play Last Stand or something. Let it be known, the purpose of this game is to capture the feel of defending yourself against impossible odds. That means you have the barest of weapons and defences at your desposal. So no, there is no mowing down hoardes of undead with chain-guns. That would be too easy.

Took about 3-4 months of hard work to complete, so naturally, any comments you post will be read and eventually replied to, just give us time. Also, if we recieve any of those retarded chain-letters in reviews, rest assured I will personally come to your house and murder you. Seriously, those things are gay as hell.


iam undead champion

1. always make yur bullet damage highre if yur bullet size is 3

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hell yea koool

the game kool man but the thing keepin it from a 10/10 is the reloading r is better than cliking bunch of times and try to put more guns any way an awsome game one of the best games i have ever played

Nice game

my complaints pretty much echo the rest, but overall it was a pretty nice experience. I just wish there was more versatility in what you do and what you upgrade. I like what you're going for though

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Sorry Dude you only get a 4

The game is cool but getting stuck with only a rifle that you need to load your self one round at a time blows.


just 1 complaint you should not have to click the amo stach you should have acouple bullets in the shell but the games still good

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3.95 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2007
5:05 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed