Strip Snake

September 4, 2007 –
September 10, 2010
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Author Comments

Classic snake-game (eat more, grow longer) but with a little nudity for eye-candy and it makes game play a bit more distracting. Probably hard at first, but after 10 minutes you'll probably get her all the way naked. If you want to make the game extra difficult, play it with the walls ON.


No effect!
This game won't work!
P.S.: Please make it work!

Add some hot crap that moves!

i hate ads

can you find or make a game,when the girl strips,she has new poses and replays,and she gets fucked or fingers herself or something like that

how do you get an M rating on a blank page?

get a working version or pervide a link to one!

this game doesent even LOAD!
how the hell do you give a good rating to a game that DOESENT LOAD!?!?!?!?

it says to download it from their site. this is just an ad.

nothing to play...

never starts even if u refresh it never does anything

cant really rate a game that wont load. no stars

I have five letters for you S U C K S.Never should have ben submitted

dosen' pimp my shit at all

But this version doesn't loads

2 because i know what the games is and it sucks and also it doesn't work

I guess there's a problem with newer flashplayers.

daaaaaang. watchin that black screen strip was sexy as hell. id hit that any day :)

well everyone else is right it doesnt work i got a screen the first time but it appeared to have froze so i refreshed but the it was just a black screen 1 star because it almost worked

Other reviews ended up being completely accurate. It DOESN'T WORK.

That may have been the sexiest black screen I have ever seen.

I just see some black. How do I fix it?

All I see is a black screen so I gave it a one out of ten sorry to say. If anyone could help me by telling me how to fix this I would be thankfull and might rerate it.

The snake is too fast. drop the speed and it works well

it's hard to play and then see what changes were made lol
i so wish i could have this is real life
do well at video games, a girl strips lol
good game, haven't played snake in a while and i missed it


WHY WAS THE SNAKE MOVING SO FAST ?javascript:submission_controller.Get ReviewController().GetWriteReviewWind ow().SetRating(1);

i think its busted

Being one that played the original snake game, this one moves WAY too fast. How ever nice idea.

kinda good game but the maze was too i mean too small how do you exspect to survive the game its ludercrisly small im dissapointed

eh. good game but yea...
it was a pain in the ass

wow sure make the snake go 20 mph jackass

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaa d
put a blond girl wht a black girl

i agree with metalicat. "cant go wrong with snake" the snake was just fine, gotta get the hangof it. i also got in the 300 club on strip bowling. my pass is: ilickballs lol

Can't really go wrong with Snake. I thought the chick was hot as hell. Snake was faster than expected, but I got the hang of it in time, because I was so hopelessly addicted to trying to get her naked. You should've had an ending sex scene if you got through all the poses or something, though.

Like all other said, the damn snake is too fast and the green dots are to fast away to get em.

im with the people dude the god d@mn snake is way too fast

plus the dame snake is way to fast

the girl is not even hot, wtf?

but I'll give you a star for letting us turn the annoying music off. It's okay at first but after 15 minutes of trying and failing to get the damn green dots in time, it gets annoying. It wouldn't be so hard to get them if the snake was a little bit slower. It's impossible to time it perfectly when it's going that fast.

booring the snakes r too fast!


the snake moved way to fast and the green dots dont last long enough

Honestly not a bad concept. The snake was waaaay to fast though and there was hardly any time to get the stupid green dots. Slow the snake down and make the green dots last a bit longer and this might be a good game.

the snake moves waaaaaaaay too fast (seeing a pattern in your reviews here?), the payoff isn't worth half the effort, and the area is rediculously small. Complete overhaul needed.

Snake on the loose. It's the old style snake game with no twists and a stripper thrown in. Fun little flash.

the snakes mov too fucking fast

The snake is too fast and the area is too small, good job on the girl tho

you get a low score only because the snake moves so f*cking fast.

Man, she could be much more hotter! C'mon, you screwed what could be a very good game.

WTF DO THAT W/ A REAL GIRL MAYBE SOME PPL WILL LIKE IT anyway she looks fukkin bad nude...

too hard and boring :(

...this is not a cool game

That snake is going waaay to fast...


=( sorry

Too fast too hard. Challenging anyway,and muffinman,I LOL'ed at that.

snake moves too fast.
yah its cool but when the snake gets big its really hard to maneouvre

snake=good! strip snake=great!

great game.

i could never get past 593 and lost interest after i'd died like 10 times... you should have one with lives or something, i'm tired of starting all over. its frustratingly hard to do once your snake starts getting that big. (heh.)

Ok not only do I think that the creator of this game couldnt even beat it but the farthest i got was to the full nude ass shaking dont know whats past it but its at approximate 600+ points

Sweet hand and eye

unlike the one bleow all those years of meerca chase did help me. that was fun and the woman was hot.

its kinda cool but you could put on some more stuff like pics., gifs. or somn

all my years of practice with meerca chase from neopets did not help =[

damn its hard but ppl u have to concentrate

...the snake is too fast and it gets nearly impossible to eat the dots but otherwise the game is cool

Err the chick is ugly...(im not a racist)

good game,just a little hard,too fast you know?good job though

A nice spin on a classic fav. Ignore all the other racist pricks down there.

its a good game mate a classic i liked playing on my old phone this is a good laugh keep up the good work and don't listen to those comment about them saying they don't want a black girl they don't like it then nuts to those racists

Need more chances to get the gold bro.

i liked the fact that this game was different. i was tired of looking at the same old boring, ugly, white hoes in all the other games they all look the same. but its kinda hard after a while. and dante14---STFU u racist asshole. piece of white trailer trash!

it shouldnt have that big headed ho! I want a big boobed, blond haired goddess of sex, not her!

It gets pretty boring after a while. Put some obsticals to make it fun. Other than that, I'm a huge fan of Snake games, and that probably helped your score...

I didn't get too far before this bored the shit out of me.

well the snake is way to fast and u need more women!!!!!

You need to change the game slightly though so the food doesn't spawn inside the snake (I.e. the trail behind you) thats quite annoying otherwise ok

but it needs more women to pick from and more stuff you can do to them.

is nice

it sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she didnt even strip


little to fast

ya know what it suked and boing who wants to spend thier money and try to make that aint cool

as a hentai game? no.
as a time passer? yes.
it is basically a sexy snake game.

u sit there waisting ur time and she dosnt even strip

wel that was too fast and she didnt strip

the game was a good old classic but was kimda hard bcos of the quick speed good work tho and a great job spicin it up keep it up

This game is to hard to play to keep me playing.

pretty much just your basic snake game, i don't know why everybody thinks it was so hard, i played with walls on and didn't lose...idk i thought it was good keep up the good work

OK i get the idea, twitch game where you have to NOT look to win.
But still, its freaking snake. Big deal. Like everyone else said, too hard for stingy payoff. And play with walls on? Yeah right. I'd if I were you. Try playing the author's dart game instead.

plain and simple. its just to hard, and the reward isnt that good.

like everyone before me said, not worth the reward

I thought it was a very good game but unfortunatly its alittle too much work and I got sick of looking at the same girl after awhile.

as others have said,the difficulty level is just too high for a hentai game.

Good concept however. if you made it she strips after certain amounts of points instead of green dots, even at this difficulty it would be a winner.

too much work for a strip game

cmon its a simple game of snake i can get her nude AND make her pose.

If this weren't a pornographic game the difficulty wouldn't be a problem but it's too much work just to see a naked chick

The 2nd best hentai snake ive ever played

the snakes to fast u dont get chance to see the nakedness good try though

so fast you forget about the girl

Well this has potential but the snake is definately too fast, and the green dots (being hard enough to get as it is) shouldn't disappear after a short amount of time, extend that or make them stay there until hit. Keep working.

Nice try, snake is way too fast....no good sorry

he he that game waz fun-E i mean i waz tryin 2 beat the game after a while an i didnt even notice tha bitch was naked

nice try tho snake is waay too fast

her boobs bounce, lol

C'mon usually I'm so good at snakes that I get to b as long as the screen is big. There's some little concepts u should consider and learn from snake. First, the longer u become the SLOWER u are, second, green dots should stay LONGER since without any indications about the square u are currently on u'r shure at 99% u are in straight line with the green dot until u pass just beside it. All in all I like strip snakes but only those who become slower as u grow and those who either automatically strips the victim after set amount of points or let the green dots there long enough for us to get them. WORK ON IT GUYS!

the quality of yoru games are always grewatbut they are also too difficult!

make it go slower!
or at least have options to make it slower.

or have less articles of clothing

you should read people's comments and maybe slow it down

I really liked this one...just a bit hard for me. I can get her to almost take off the panties but by then my "snake" is too long and I keep running into myself....uhhh. Good challenge. THX.

too hard!!!!!! lol i can never get the green dots...which is gay so yea make a new game dude k plz! ty!!!

but make more picture and frames with her doing new and differnt stuff (like strip bowl)
but great game

New twist on the old favorites. Very good idea.

I still think this should have had a "you win" screen when you get her completely naked. It was still fun.

I do all game and it wasnt interesting. I hate snakes. (:

please be sure to slow it down the game is way way way to fast for anyone to win unless you are a super good player

This game might be a little fun but it is just way to annoying. That sanke moves way to fast at times to even rgt any of the dots. Plus those green dots do not stay on the screen long enough to even get a chance to get them. Finally, it is just to hard to even beat this game if the stupid thing hits itself.


Not original, but better than all other versions I've seen of this game. I thought the speed was right, too, not too easy but perfectly possible for those who actually play the game properly. Nice work,

id of given a higher rating but the snake is to fast to get the green orbs and they dont stay long enough to even catch the damn things

All of your games are nice looking but, for one when you click on the strip arcade shortcut it takes you to some other site that has nothing to do with the games.
And could it hurt to slow the snake down long enough to actually grab a green orb,
Like i said nice game but it just seems like you dont want the player to win.

as addicting as the origional but with added greatness keep up the good work

like the other guy said, snake moves to fast, pause button is a must, and possibly green orbs appear more often???.......... tha'd be nice : )

good game, but the speed of the snake is way 2 high, & a pause button would be great

Love it, but I tried your site and it doesn't seem to exist. have you baught the domain yet?

StripBowling is one of the best xxx games here on newgrounds, because it has alot of sexy animations,interactives not too hard gameplay and some pussy, spanking and wet xxx play.

The new games are very disappointing because of the great game you have done first (strip bowl). The new girls are totally ok, but instead of making new girls you rather should have done new animations. The new games are hard or difficult to play and the reward isn´t as great as in strip bowl. Some fucking would have been nice. Maybe some tentacles or monsters banging the girls with there huge dicks. Or maybe at least the girls playing with toys.

Anyways good work. I gave you also some bonus points this time because of your last game, strip bowl. Keep up the good work.

this game is easy the only problem i had was once i got to 900 points, her ass got in my way and this caused me to lose.WTH! Overall its a good way to pass some time.

this game is quite challanging, the prize you get when you complete it isn't all that good but if you finally get it its quite satisfying, those boobs bounching doesn't really help you concentrate either so I just shoved the picture to the side and looked when I finally crashed into myself, ended up with about 780 points.


kinda annoyin but pretty kool. make somethin a lil better

great game keep it up :)

Naw dawg dis da joint!

i liked the game a lot... don't listen to the guys who thought it was too fast, one of the reasons its fun is that its fast. It IS possible to make tight turns, i succeed 4/5 times with it and the fastness is the culprit to the one mishap which is fine.

When she got on her knees with her ass wriggling at you, is that the last picture? i got that 2 times in a row, then i died.

5/5 for a gr8 game!

I sort ov like it, but iv always kinda hated snake or what ever its called. pm me if u hate it:)

I give a 8/10 for the game as it's pretty addictive. Only if the girl that stripped is real life picture, that will make the game more interesting though.

Cheers :)

It is a pretty good game with only fault that the snake is a little bit fast.

Don't listen to the guy under me cartoon girls are the best!!!

For what this is meant to be it is perfect. The snake moved a little fast, but it should to make you work a little for the end result. Good submission.

But it´s a relief to see you once again. Simple game, but good, nonetheless. It´s good for the game to move so fast, because you really have to win your prize.
But, what happened to your page?

the snake kinda moved fast...

this games cool gets kind of hard when the snake gets a bit long and is the snake supposed to look like a dildo cuz it kind of does

I like this game so much. You took the classic snake game and enhanced it into something even better. I liked how you could take away the walls. Good background music and fun to play. It gets kind of distracting when that girl takes off more clothes. Very well made game!

i vote 5 even though the snake didnt respond fast enough to make tight turns it was ok

the snake was cruzin pretty fast but i like boobies

Not bad at all, basic snake game with a twist for the guys. I'm not sure how mnay of them will be able to concentrate after a while. If you can do this in one day, i'd love to see more submissions from you.

Good graphics, good sound, good sfx, but is way too difficult. Maybe a speed change get things more ... easy.

Best version of Snake ever made. :) It was a bit fast though, wish I could slow it down just a tad!

Good graphics, interface, and chick.


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3.05 / 5.00