Dance Party Ep. 7

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Dance Party Ep. 7

Well here we gooo...
episode 6 was such a hit
that people were begging
me to make an episode 7 already!!
well here it is boys and girls
episode 7


Song Is Hot Stepper By Ini Kamoozie

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use it!

the pure lack of imagnation you use is amazing! i have never seen so much shit in one place! all you did was have a guy dance do sumthing else to make it more entertaning

Meth09 responds:

lmao thats really not even dancing... your a bad critic

Dannnnnccce P4rtYYYY

This was ok, definitely has room for improvement though. I hope this doesnt turn into an ultra spam series

Meth09 responds:

it did kinda =/ sorry


ya, ive just come to ignore your stuff now, i hvnt watched at least half of em, and looking at the reviews i can see they havent gotten any better.

Meth09 responds:

but you still take the time to review them <3

I will be completely honest.

Absolutely amazing preloader. High five!

But you still could improve on Tom Fulp. Theres something missing. I just can't quite put my finger on it.

Ehh oh well.

what a surprise, another KK "creation"

first off, so i dont get deleted, let me say that i do not like this movie because besides your preloader this entire flash was just a picture of bill gates being inverted every half second with music in the background. it shows very little to no effort and as such i have voted 0 on it. while normally i wouldnt say anything about a KK movie because i never have anything nice to say, im making an exception because i feel like it.

your movie sucks balls like usual and you know it but kudos on the new preloader. now go make another 500billion shitty movies like we all know you will anyway.

Meth09 responds:

Only because it pisses you off sugar

Credits & Info

1.80 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2007
11:58 PM EDT
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