Moosh'd Anime Tutorial 2

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You can now download this (.exe version) on my site! Check it out! http://jhetto.sitesled.co m/
(If there are any problems, don't hesitate to e-mail me :) (Jhetthro@gmail.com)


NOTE TO ANIME HATERS: Please leave this flash alone...Its only sole purpose is to teach drawing anime. You will be greatly disappointed if you expect anything other than an tutorial with anime in it. If you really need to review it and vote, please do so in mind of the quality of the flash, not that it has anime in it. Please and thank you :)

- [All done with mouse]
- [Please read "Introduction" first]

After 2 years of working with flash and drawing anime, I've come with another tutorial. Now you can learn how to draw anime...the advanced Moosh'd way!! Please enjoy ~


Really good.I can make anime/manga on paper,but I suck at the computer manga :P

Quite the overachiever aren't we?

Heh a really thorough one here. I can already do anime/manga/chibi shat but i don't give a crap. A year from my first lesson on a forum somwhere (back when i was liek 12) i decided to check NG tuts.

Head/Hair- Mighty impressive. You've covered almost every detail you can cover off basics and sub advanced(on my scale). I won't mark you down for this since they're small but some suggestions: cloth braids/bands; more in depth ear analysis; earrings; cheek analysis; The structural and actual real life differences between the bangs

Body- Heh you're the only tut to actually have made that anatomy reference(something i'd like to point out). Your body wasn't truly as in depth as i hoped like the head was. You've got pretty good tips out there.

Everything else- I hoped you made ands, feet, Clothes, ETC. im thinking you put them in your other tut, but idk (too lazy to check.) for know ill say that this is the best tut so far in NG.

Thanks....this improves my anime drawing skills


I might actually go back to drawing anime. These methods are a LOT simpler than the ones I used. That was probably why I sucked so bad. This is better than the first! Good job!


Thanks to you, I learnt how to draw anime faces and heads. Great tut!

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