Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 3

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This is just another installment to the "Jim and Pals Shorts" cartoons. If you have never seen any of these, then just remember when you're watching it that it's supposed to be short, and not really have a story. Okay, enjoy!

(Oh, and please review, I love hearing what you have to say!)


Quite good.

I LOVED the concept. Funtimes. But...the link at the end didn't work. Only bad point. Otherwise great idea, Yay, little random flashes!

Jimtopia responds:

Woot! ^_^


I thought that was very funney and clever and if your into making shorts then why dont you make abunch of them and put them together like into a collab?

Jimtopia responds:

Meh IDK I just like my shorts to stand alone. Thx for reviewing.


I found this flash simplistic, basic shapes, no voices and the same sound clip to be overly simplistic

Jimtopia responds:

So is this review, you know you're supposed to give advice, and be supportive if you're gonna vote zero...

it was ok

i thought that it was sorta funny, it wasn't something i expected. The only problem i found was that the "watch the original" didn't work. I dont know if it's my computer or it's a bug. anyway, it was still good!

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah well, that seems to be the main complaint, thanks for reviewing.

Wasnt That Good

What is whith the guys voice and when u click to go to the original it doesnt work. Also why isnt this the original??

Jimtopia responds:

That's a lot of questions...

1. What voice, no one in this cartoon had a voice?

2. I put that in the comments, didn't you read?

3. Because it's a remake.

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3.52 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2007
1:57 PM EDT
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