Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 3

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This is just another installment to the "Jim and Pals Shorts" cartoons. If you have never seen any of these, then just remember when you're watching it that it's supposed to be short, and not really have a story. Okay, enjoy!

(Oh, and please review, I love hearing what you have to say!)


the concept makes me think and chuckle

I loved that concept! Such an imaginative idea and the type of thing that could only ever be clearly shown as an animation.

I'd have loved to see it fleshed out a bit, maybe someone exchanging people's thoughts and stuff, but enjoyed all I saw.

I don't much care for the title screen though - the beveled text doesn't go well with the flat colours imo. The red overlapping both yellow and blue looks garish and ugly. The play button would be better in the centre, where folk have grown to expect it.

However, I like the way Jim grabs the bubble and the sounds.

More importantly, the concept makes me think and chuckle. Seriously awesome.

Jimtopia responds:

Glad you liked it. Hmmm, for some reason no one likes the menu, I guess I'll re-make that.

Nice one

Hehehe, nice one. I liked the joke in this, it made me laugh. You don´t really see that kind of humor often on NG (at least I don´t), so lots of pluspoints for that. Quality-wise it was also pretty well made if you ask me. The background looked great, the characters looked pretty good too (seems like you got your own style and I like that), the sounds were good (loved the balloon popping sound) and there was also nothing wrong with the animation.

The only complaints I have are about the title screen. I suggest you move the text up a little bit so that the dots won´t fall out of the oval shape. it kinda looks ugly this way to me. Also, I don´t like the white background you used there. Perhaps you should mix a few colors there or just draw something. One last suggestion: I think some music in the menuscreen would be nice. An intro tune for your series or something like that.

Overall 8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. It was a very nice flash in my opinion. Not much room for improvement, beside the menuscreen. But that isn´t really the most important part of a flash, so it´s okay if you want to keep it the way it is now. Anyways, keep up the good work and I´d like to see more of these.

~Auz, Review Request Club

Jimtopia responds:

Well I made the menu like that mainly so I didn't have to re-draw a new menu every time. Anyway, glad you liked the joke. Thx for the review.


The art style was cool and the humor was original, nice work!

Jimtopia responds:

Hey cool thanks! ^_^

Short and sweet.

I quite like this one, it reminds me of the one joke about a miser talking to his wife, who offers him a penny for his thoughts twice and he talks about their marriage etc, then the third time, he replies "I was actually wondering about when I'd get the two pennies you owed me already"

The layout was very similar to your others, therefore a very simple piece. Returning characters make it familiar, but the genius is in the joke itself.

Look forward to the next one!

[Review Request Club]

Jimtopia responds:

Lol thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
It was a funny play on words. Provided a minute of entertainment and a good joke on the end of it.

^^Needs Improving^^
Hmm...I'm not really getting much out of this. I know it's a short, but really if you want to make shorts that people will like, they need to be explosive and have something really funny that people will lol at. This is just a joke.

Jimtopia responds:

I suppose you're right.

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Sep 3, 2007
1:57 PM EDT
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