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short about apples

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http://z6.invisionfree.co m/BombBrigade/index.php?a ct=idx

Join us!!!

Most of the members make better flash than me.
It is a great place to for learning flash if your a noob.

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i give you a 4 because you tried

i dislike how every one use's those voices they make me mad unless its the real people who start it the copy right is really bad. But since you did try i gave you a 4

sixflab responds:



voice to low...not bad

sixflab responds:

Now that I think back I wish I would of taken more time with this. I could of done a lot more if I didn't rush it.


huh................. yet another clock crew copy when will it stop... but good job you took the time to think and draw something slightly decent at least your better than kitty krew

sixflab responds:

I think the background was pretty good considering I did it with my laptop's touchpad, my mouse is broken and I have to get a new one.

I like it

it was interesting but the voices were to quiet even at max
but I did like

Good job

sixflab responds:

Must be a problem on your end. I do all of the speakonia voices on max volume.


I hate the voices....... Animation wasn't too bad. Storyline was anti-climactic. I'm not a big fan of the whole brigade and clan thing on newgrounds. In fact your score was severly reduced just for that reason.

To be honest with you, if you went off and did your own work and not label yourself with a group, you will recieve a better score from me. Until then good luck with your work.

sixflab responds:

I respect you for that, rate it as it is, just cause i'm in a crew doesn't mean I should get a higher score. I'll probably do my own thing later on but right now i'm in a crew to learn.