Rio - Dress To Thrill 1.0

September 1, 2007 –
September 5, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Rio - Dress to Thrill 1.0
HTH Studios all new game of 2007!



Love her <3

you know ages later the glamor wore off.
you might have done this since back when but this might look good but it has little to offer.

the limited amount of clothing, bland amount of actual content that is there, even some of the less artistically pleasing flashes in the dress up section have more to do than dress a badly postured chick.

hell, no joy buzzer, hot spots or secrets to click.

I miss the secret areas and weird things man. even if they didn't look that good. however that is something I feel personally and it is not constructive criticism. hope the whole new site and servers works out for you.

Awesome sound track !

limited, but nice.
and awsome music selection.

i wasn't payin attention while it was start ing and i had my headset full blast and it scared the fuck out of me good game to

love her

plz make more of her on ur site plz

10 cuz

well its pure awsome I think this is the best furry ive ever seen


furry FTW its soo hott

Def. not for everyone...

besides the fact that it's furry based. I enjoyed a few of the songs I admit. The art was over all good.

Whats thepoint

I loved it. but there should be a feature that enables it to save to the website, i liked the one i made, so i showed to my roomates, they loved it too so they made there own



not too good

not very arousing but if you're a furry that likes dress ups.... you'll probably like it


nuff said


Great for it genre

the most interesting thing ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

man this is the coolest thing ive ever seen in my life well ill have to agree with all of you this is won awesome piece of work this is good art/animation and i love the style and mix of music and sexiness and beauty to it this is kick ass!!!!!!!!!! and i cant wait till he comes out with an update to his website =] so i can see more!!! cuz this is bomb!!!


rio is my favoroute hth character she is so hawt i hope that crowchild will update the website soon and fix sound errors in hth2


I oly wish it was a bit more interactive >xD


Good game, really liked the music too.


nice game

"wins by the wag"

sweet coloring nice furry!

agree with 419chris419

I totally agree with 419chris it was worth just undressing her rather than dressing her O.O


i want those high boots


good one.


Dammit... love her <3


mm she is sexy, neat clothes to, nice job!


All I did.....was...undress her .............rawr x3

wont load

didnt load so


its good but high tail hall is better btw im a new found furry eny sugestions that are virus free and good


note that i never redressed her rofl

It wont load =[

but thats no reason to give a bad score. Im sure it woud have been awesome


really hot, but could you update this with the "new" rio? (if u other people dont know what im talking about, try the newest version of hth 2)


nice work!
u should post another version of this using the more recent version of Rio(Which is Smokin HOT!!!)


She looks so hot...
(i'd totally hit her :P)


nice and sexy, needs some more clothes

Good overall...

But I would've liked more selection in the clothing. Although she was quite lovely, she seemed kinda... I dunno, BEEFY. She looks like she can rip you in half!

Loved it!

just wish I knew where to DL that flesh dance song.

Its amazing =o

its been stuck in my head xD

Keep It Up!!!

This is the best dress up game on newgrounds

Best Dress Up on the site

first off, I a Furry fan and Im only partially Furverted, so I didnt only use this for sexual pleasure, so heres a short break down of the Pros and Cons
Amazing Artwork
good looking character
Great Soundtrack
Good costume options

alot of things that I would have hoped for in terms of costumes werent there (Boots with Spiked Cleats for example)
...yeah that about it.

Suggestions: Put more Costume options, Im not saying make it as deep as Dress My Babe but make some backgrounds or something like that. Great Work as always.


that was boring

Yeah the game takes for ever to decmpile/recmpile

yo it's to-mos bringing you the latest updates. HTH2 will have Ginger, my favorite and most beautiful Rio, Tanya, Aleta, Bella, and Zoe...you know Ginger and Rio. Tanya is the Zebra from HTH1. Aleta is a Parrot furry character, Bella is the polar bear with the pool stick. and Zoe is the cheeta character... there you go that's the characters of HTH2.
Don't ask me how I know it's a little secret called de-compilation of HTH2.

Why the hell was that so big? SAGE!

There was nothing to do in this! And no hidden costumes from what I could tell. Was all that space really wasted on just the music?


its good, VERY GOOD, but...nahh theres nothing wrong wiht this!

update on hth2

hth 2 is comming out this week! go to furaffinity.net/crowchild for all the updates and news! even crowchild said so himself. i expect to see it realeased this friday. Crow is going to release it in phases, and phase 1 is supposted to come out this following week. Just check out his profile in furaffinity if you have anymore questions. hope you find dis helpful!

Like it

Even though dress-up games aren't my thing, Crowchild makes it all good.


even a dressup game from you was a nice1 :P

nice nice nice

nice music nice bod nice outfits nice every thing


She may be an Animal,But she's hot as hell,I'd get her in bed in an instant if she was real without a second to spare,Such big sexy tits Mm...

Great Work

You are a very good flash artist, I am a big fan of all your hentai. Could u plz tell me when the next HTH is coming out? Here are some suggestions for it: 1. Have more than just two girls. 2: Dont make a hermaphrodite in it. 3: Make it with some sound, at least some moaning. 4: Have more secrets in it. 5: Make the cum look more realistic. Other than that, you did great. Ill keep watching ur animations, keep up the good work.


Your a true artist, all of your works are spectacular, and your furry females very lovely. You've made quite the name for yourself by this, you're actually kind of famous... I put you in ranks with Jeremy Bernal and Jay Naylor.

And nice taste in music by the way.


yay a furry dress up game, what's more to want


best dress-up game i've ever played great detail and like the music fits riokeep up the good work!!


This is by far the best dress-up game I've ever played. I simply love your art as it's pretty detailed (and this chick... oh man, she's gorgeous). And the soundtrack... it perfectly fits Rio. Keep on the good work!!


As always, great work. Love your art, look forward to more. Hoping to see HTH2 sometime soon although no rush, it'll be worth the wait I'm sure. Anyway, keep on making your art, it's gorgeous.

very good

When is the new HTH coming out man!
Make a series of em, i don tihnk we can take this waiting.


Just saw the update from FA great stuff man! I hope the new HTH will come out soon, but hey don't rush greatness okay?


as always your work is impecable

u need to make more


Great game, needs more clothes!

The music was perfect for this game and the tale animation made her 3x hotter! If this game had more clothes and alternate positions, it would definately be my favorite dress-up on here!

Nice and Like the character

This is a Really good dressup game {panting about the swishing tail and the flesh dancer music} I gotta say she looks Just like the Hyena Girl from High tail Hall 2 Almost to be her twin (starts to drool) Just make some more please!!!!

<insert a good title>

I kinda agree with Silver serge. Theres nothing that sets this appart from other dress up games. Only thing different is the character but hey that's every dress up game. Only reason I give this more than a 4 is because it's one of my favorite characters from HTH :x but other than that it's just another one of hundreds of flash dress up games.

I'm spoiled for the hall

After playing hth I keep saying what else does it do. Good, but kept waiting for something more..

more of the same

I know naked animal people might appeal to furries, and though nudity is this flash's only saving grace, it offers nothing new to the dress-up genre. Everyone who has ever played a dress-up has pretty much played this already. What is the real point of this? there are tons of dress-up games exactly like this. where are some fresh ideas?

Lookin' good.

I'm diggin' this. Keep up the good work.

crowchild! its good to see stuff from you again!

It really is, Rio looks as great as ever. Glad to see your still alive and workin, can't wait to see what you do with HTH. good job, and keep up the awesome work!

All right, time for a real comment...

I'm a big fan of Crowchild, and even more so now, great work! Rio looks beautiful, can't wait for HTH2!


This is really awesome. Not only is the animation itself good, but I love the playlist. Nice job!

dude wtf??

it wont even load or something, all it is is grey out lines


Man this is great man good work


Awesome artwork, music kicks ass, the outfits were GREAT especially the biker-esque clothing, which is sort of how I thought of Rio anyway.

The only ways I could think of improving this? Maybe a few more outfits? Or options for altering the ones already there. Like being able to wet the white tee-shirt? Maybe she could have some written dialog? The only other suggestion was maybe to have a little more 'interaction', HTH style? ;) Nothing cheesy like the near cliche moaning when you click her bits though.

Also, it is awesome to see you submitting flash again! I hope all is well on your homefront!

the game aint showing.

i can tell the dress up game looks good, but i cant click or move anything, might be something wrong.


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3.40 / 5.00