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UPDATE2: I fixed the credits and fixed a few question. (and the name thing actaully does something now)
UPDATE:Ok in total i've added 4 loops to the game now that you can play by going to options -> music!

Now you can test your knowledge about Half-Life 2 in a quiz!
(If you find any wrong answers, question typo's, answer typo's or anything else that's wrong please tell me immidietly!, i will try to update it as fast as i can.) Enjoy the quiz and good luck!


That game is good

Teh passords: gordonisfreeman, smexyalyx

Very entertaining and memorial :)

This was very good. I very much enjoyed it. I knew really all the answers to all the questions except the release date ones. I have not played Half life 2 or any of the other valve games for a while because there has not been any news for when HL2 Episode 3 is coming out or when it is finished so...... I am slighty out of date. But still remember very much from the Half Life series (Best game ever!).

I play on my Playstation 3 mostly these days but I'm still so annoyed that Gabe Newell dislikes it and chooses to makes his games for stupid X-Box instead of for us..... Oh well you can't have everything you want.

But anyway splendid work in any case. :)

got 2 things

first is that how is combine an alien race?they were just modified alieny and got very strong and accurate by xen so its mostly xen (THIRD QUESTION) then on the green claw monster one u rly need a pic for that one cuz i was rly messed up at that one cuz i thought u meant vortigaunt so i had to resart

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me 2 men

somethings weird

i still have half life 2,half life 2 episode 1.half life 2 episode 2 but i couldent even get past chapter 2 on the Quiz and i beat both those 3 games

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