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UPDATE2: I fixed the credits and fixed a few question. (and the name thing actaully does something now)
UPDATE:Ok in total i've added 4 loops to the game now that you can play by going to options -> music!

Now you can test your knowledge about Half-Life 2 in a quiz!
(If you find any wrong answers, question typo's, answer typo's or anything else that's wrong please tell me immidietly!, i will try to update it as fast as i can.) Enjoy the quiz and good luck!


Pretty Good

You had only 1 question wrong. The city was call City 17 not ravenholm.

Blood-Fury responds:

See Flyarion's review above ->

I have to be honest

The way the game is done really makes this submission not worth playing.

First of all, what is the purpose for making it so when the player misses a question, the game is over and he must simply begin again from the start? The player already knows the answers to all the questions up to the one he missed. Whats the point in forcing him to answer all those things correctly again? Just make it so the score is tallied at the end, and when one is missed it tells the player he missed one.

Honestly, forcing the player to read and type a password after he completes a round? Sorry dude, but that's a bad choice for advancement. Just allow the player to continue with the next round "unlocked" instead of using passwords. Seems like everything in this flash is as basic coding in flash as you could have possibly done, forcing the player to do all the work instead of you.

The questions are fine, but the flash itself was very poorly done with bad decisions on how the user plays the quiz. It's nothing personal against you dude, I'm just an honest reviewer. HL2 is one of my favorite games and I liked seeind this in the list, but was disappointed when I tried it.

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Blood-Fury responds:

Well you just listed all the points that i was sad about becaus i couldn't add them becaus i simply don't know how to do it. :(

A decent quiz

I thought there were some good questions that made me think back to different parts in the game. It was a little short, and it would have been nice to have a timer.

Some typos I noticed were:

Chapter 1 questions 8 and 9 'Which' instead of 'Wich'
Chapter 3 question 5 has two Vance answers, don't know if that's intentional?
Chapter 3 question 6 answer B should be 'off' instead of 'of'

Blood-Fury responds:

Yay! Another person that's being a big help :P Thanks Jahudoman. Fixing typos right now. Thanks for playing and thanks for the review!

Good quiz dude

Yeah it was cool. I'm a big half life freak. I read up about it before i even bought the game. The quiz had various questions, and didn't stick to one topic, so it made it interesting. Had a very attractive menu and the features (such as the options menu) were pretty cool aswell.

Oh. and to clear the topic up for people:
The combine are classed as aliens, as they are from a different planet/universe than our/gordan's own. That doesn't mean they have to be all...green. The combine forces are brainwashed human beings, who have been technologically modified (turned into cyborgs) to perform as a supreme army to fight for the combine.
So basically...just because they're not green and slimy...doesn't mean they're not aliens.

Blood-Fury responds:

I knew a big Half-Life fan like me would like the menu. ^-^ I work't on it as hard as i could to make it look like a real steam game menu. Thanks for linking it :P.
+ God bless you for clearing the topic.

great game

w00t i did it, meh you had to remind me of Ravenholm *shudders* i wont sleep now, but yeah great game, didnt notice any typos, only one of the answers in chapter 3 stands out, you might wanna fix that, best not give anything away for spoilers and stuff :)

Blood-Fury responds:

Ah ok thanks there man! Pm me for the typo please i'd like to fix it as soon as possible! :D.
God people like you make me happy to respond to lol. Yeh i remember the first time i play'd Ravenholm O_O.. it took me 3 days to get it over with becaus i was to scared lol, but now that ive play'd Garry's Mod for such a long time i'm not really scared of them anymore.

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