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UPDATE2: I fixed the credits and fixed a few question. (and the name thing actaully does something now)
UPDATE:Ok in total i've added 4 loops to the game now that you can play by going to options -> music!

Now you can test your knowledge about Half-Life 2 in a quiz!
(If you find any wrong answers, question typo's, answer typo's or anything else that's wrong please tell me immidietly!, i will try to update it as fast as i can.) Enjoy the quiz and good luck!


Its ok.

Xen is the name of the borderworld dimension that Gordon travels to in the first Half-Life, so its not the name of the species of headcrabs/vortigaunts. Headcrabs are headcrabs (aka parasitics, headhumpers), and vortigaunts are vortigaunts.

Great game.

It was great, could have had some other stuff in it though, maybe more questions or something, but I got them all right, except the release date ones, I don't know when they where released, lol.


You see a vortigrant when you get off the train, hes a slave maid.
Also, the question on how Father laughs is kinda by oppinion.
Some of these questions were extremely easy. Some of them got me confused, because I didnt see Breen shoot me with anything.

Number 6 Chapter 3

Great Game. But as said in the title, the first time you see a vort is when you get to that guy in the giant dumpster in Route Kanal

nice quiz

It was quite easy. I never played the full version of Half life 1 so the green creature stumped me. and to answer Dottorius, it is when you go to Nova Prospekt there is a kitchen with vortigaunts in it but im not sure they actually cook.

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