The Impossible Quiz 2

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Thanks for the Front Page!!

Well, here it is. The second and maybe-not-so-final Impossible Quiz! It's actually been out since Thursday, but the file was 11mb and I couldn't upload it here. But after some MORE compression, i've managed to get it to 9.99mb (WHOAOA).

So, it's the same idea as before. Try to answer all of the questions without DYING! It was never going to be easy to make a sequel to the first quiz, but i've tried my best. The questions start off a little bit easier this time round, but gradually get harder. You can use your Skips and Fusestoppers freely (I PROMISE), so there's no need to save them.

Enjoy! :D

Unfortunately, there have been a few problems regarding the music, so it had to go. Sorry!


Impossible Quiz 2

This is the best quiz game I've ever played.
Looking forward to Impossible Quiz 3.

Great Job Splapp-me-do! 5/5

SOME answers

1. Up his sleevies
2. Paint
3. Earth
4. American
5. Type what Frank tells you to
6. 8
7. Press the right arrow
8. 10 letters in
9. Click the creature several times. Click the bubble on the right for a skip
10. Click and drag "the penguin" to reveal the answer.
11. Follow the directions. Don't touch the blue parts and don't release the mouse
button until the end
12. Fine
13. Lederhosen
14. Click the 14 twice (drag the dots around so that the red markings line up with
the white boxes to make letters)
15. A backwards dog
16. Chris
17. Touch the brown balloon with your mouse, but don't touch any of the others. It's
best to start with your mouse at the top of the screen then move into position
18. Fly sandwiches
19. Fusestopper
20. Turn on the light then pop the guy's zits. (Hint: Pop the zit in his ear for a
fuse stopper)
21. 30
22. Pink Clouds
23. Drag the circle around 23 to the appropriate spot
24. Space under the "c"
25. When it's a jar
26. You run. You run so far away.
27. Press 1 on the keyboard.
28. It's Sparta
29. Move the mouse to the small area to the right of the stream of water to find a gem.
If you accidentally uncover a bomb, drag it to the water to put it out.
(Hint: There's a green bomb a little to the left of the faucet, let it explode to
get a skip)
30. Click the 0 in 30.
31. Drive down the M4
32. Click the finger
33. Click the 33
34. Click the death button
35. Aim for the face
36. Tequila
37. Move the mouse off the flash window and an elephant will fall.
38. Spam the spacebar as fast as you can as soon as you can
39. Same as 11, only your pointer disappears. Use the circles to guide you.
40. Toucan
41. Wait for one of the circles to shrink, then click it.
(Hint: before clicking any of the circles, move your mouse to the bottom right corner
to find the second fuse stopper)
42. Drag the guy's fist and drop it on the other guy.
43. This one somewhat requires that you've played the previous impossible quiz. It pops up
a random question from it until you get one right. So either be good at guessing or
play through the first one
44. What you say!!
45. Click the second E in "I see" (it'll turn green) then the I, then the E, then the I,
then the O in "O RLY?"
46. Around Orion's waist
47. Universal Serial Bus
48. USB Port
49. Follow Frank's directions. Be careful not to do anything if it doesn't say "Frank Says"
at the top, though
50. Click the dog's mouth to chew the bone, then move your mouse over it to "pet" it
51.put mouse over "came last" and click.
52.rub lamp
53.g in 'pointing' looks like an arrow.
54.In right-bottom corner, there is a rrat's tail. drag it onto the dot.
56.click the section that lights up between the chicken's legs.
58.press 'space' bar.
59.drag r out of varnish
60.Pull the tab and the cat down quickly
61.To get to the other side
63.The quality button next ot the skips - Press Q on your keyboard for a skip!
64.PLanet on the left, Under the eye, Last tooth, Patch of dirt on the bottom, Cloud from
space, spatula tower second from the right
65.Goats blood
66.Pick all of the leaves off - Purple flower is a fuse stopper
67.Get the key to the door - TIP: Go for the green button first - 8275
68.Checkpoints are for the weak and mentally chanllenged
69.Wait for the bomb to get to 2 and click it
70.Click - Count the amount of time chris is hit!
71.28.8 Kpbs Modem
73.Click the Hedge
75.Refer to 70
77.A fat bloke
78.Use the handle
79.Drag "ON" into the circle
80.A Corpse's bra
81.Four Along second row
82.Wait for the bomb to get to around 2 seconds and click "Obvious"
83.Drag the ground away and click next
84.Blue Red Blue Yellow
86.U on the keyboard
87.Watch for the arrow instead of the carrot
88.Wait, the bomb is a dud
89.You would have though one of them would have duckes
91. Place your cursor directly over Amy's left eye and click IMMEDIATELY as the crosshair
92 of the impossible quiz 2
93.Click on "The odd one out"
95. -15.1,-4,0,2,15,15.1,76,151. Click enough
96. click the number of lives you have remaining

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This game literally made me want to kill myself, BUT it's a great game. Patience is all I can say. The popping the zits was the hardest part for me >.<


It's pretty good, how it makes you think outside the box. It could get frustrating as well because some of the answers are total nonsense. Anyways, it's a great game. The part that annoyed me the most was question 11...


This is a very fun game, that truly tests your knowledge, whilst being funny. Great game!

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