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First of all. This isnt about napster.
I didnt make this because im too cheap to buy the music, OBVIOUSLY you didnt really watch the movie.
Secondly, this movie was made long before they sued Napster. I just recently placed it on newgrounds.
All Metallicrap movies can be seen on www.Lagmonster.com. Metallicrap Part III is coming soon !


This is a terrible Flash rant about Metallica, literally made three years after they released Reload. You provide barely any evidence as to why Metallica is "bad," and overall, it's pretty laughable after 18 years.

Could use more.

while its notbad could have used more direction, and some improved backrounds besides the black backdrop, maybe doing some fancy artsy stuff with the pictures would have been nice also, nice effort though.

Assortment of things.


You should have made a proper flash movie

You really should have made a proper flash movie out of this, the idea to it, with a bit of story/plot thrown in could have made a good flash movie, but no, you just decided to use text and pasted images, which just wasn't impressive at all, and it made a very poor flash movie. Sometimes you had some funny lines in it, other times you used childish lines that just weren't funny at all, so the humour was greatly let down. You couldn't even read some of the text, one wasn't fully on the screen and another went before you could even read it. Some of the sound was also of a poor quality.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


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it makes me sad...

that you devoted yourself a fan, and you turned your back on them...get over the fucking napster shit...and get back on metallica's side...they dont hate their fans.....the fans hate them, its people like you.

Sueing napster..

Isn't reason enough for not beeing they're fan.. what kind of loser are you if you have all Metallica's album's and then blame them for lawsueing?:D i mean come on, you have no reason 'cause you already have they're songs.. you doesn't have to download them.
Metallica Up Your Ass!

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Jul 27, 2000
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