Earth Defender!

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Use your mouse to move the bat around the earth and save it from destruction. Two modes of a normal speed and a fast speed. I recomend you get the hang of the game before trying the "Hard" mode. It really is hard.

Happy gaming!

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Needs some twist to introduce a challenge

The graphics were brilliant (I love the cute squashed earth) and the music was good. I felt the game's mechanics really needed more tweaking though.

In easy mode, I lost a life within a second, another at 2500ish points, then exited to the menu at arounbd 3k. In hard, I got to 8k without having lost a life, then got bored, let myself die and closed the window.

The speed of the asteroids doesn't seem to noticably increase. As we get further, their frequency should start increasing.

I'd also suggest upping the speed - at the minute, it just seems too easy to survive indefinitely and that's a real turn-off.

Lovely presentation though and it's simple to pick up and everything's clearly signalled from the lives to the power-ups.

done before

i've seem this type of game soooooo many times before (actually second time today....), but usually with something unique added to the mix, like power up, purchasable defense turrets, comets that leave dents where they hit, nice particle effects.....
Ok so i can apprechiate you're probably still learning, however it probably worthwhile just spending some time to think what would make this game unique.
(also, your music was kinda "arghhh must kill that noise")
(one more thing... it was pretty noticable that the comets wern't random, this did go someway to making the game look alot less profesionable)

No highscores?

Although this game isnt all that great, I was expecting a highscores table. Considering it didint have anything else to really satisfy the players. Anyway the graphics and the explosions in this game are very well done and in the few glimpses you see the asteroids in, you can see that they are also niceley done. The speed is actually quite right, because most people wont score to high in scores. To bad there is none. Next time you submit make sure you have highscores.

not 4 me

kinda fast pace and as soon as you start the level you get fucked right in your god damn brown eye wtf overall it kinda sucked balls and ive seen a lot of games in this style

basic, yet still good.

well yes it is kind of a basic game. moving a paddle isnt really the most advanced game-type thing ever. but then again, harder isnt always better :D and its a good game still. the meteors getting smaller as they get closer to the earth kind of throw you off. the hard part was the fact that 2 meteors coming at the same time, or close to it, are REALLY hard to get them both. maybe move the paddle out more, and be able to hit them with the side of the paddle to get them with that. and more upgrades, yes 2 is good, not to many to get confused with, and no negative ones to guard against. i would suggest a +health one though. with the 2 things coming at once you probably will get hit.

and you get and 9, because i like basic games :D

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3.02 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2007
5:37 PM EDT
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