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Boy Gentle

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Boy Gentle, the racist Dutch farmer.

A cartoon short, 2007! it's really short lol JUST LIKE PUNCHER!!!


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I would think he would like watermelon given that he popped out of a fruit that was none other than a watermelon. It was weird how the movie paused to repeat itself. The best part is how well everything is drawn. I seriously think that this is animation that just be dished out by someone like Tom Fulp or MindChamber. I guess that coming up with a racist Dutch farmer as a character was a pretty original idea. I guess I would consider it more surreal if only some more things happened and it was longer.


Whenever i come onto NG i vote 5/5 on this im going to slowly get your score up lol


yes i said WHART its a typo and I'm not gonna change it.


I watched Puncher, and I was like, WTF? This is more stupid then the custom map for halo titled "Lameass". Then I watched Welcome to the Hilton, and I loved it! I thought that you had finally found a good way to make funny movies with your great art style. Then you ruined it with this, this, thing. My recomendation is that you find some good jokes or sotp making these shorts.

Watermelon and fried chicken...

...you alway say the same things, you are not just racist, you are booooooring too.

Put some ideas in your cartoons!