SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2

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*** Flash player 9 required! This game was coded in AS 3.0 ***

UPDATE: I changed a few things for the facebook version (partly to make it more casual gamer friendly) and it seemed silly not to bring those changes over here too, so I did. If you spot any bugs I'd really appreciate a PM. Thanks for all the reviews/messages/emails too!

Guitar rhythm game featuring 14 great songs, 6 guitars and a crazy stickman!

Practice and improve your scores to unlock new songs and guitars. :)

There weren't enough Audio credit slots on here, but the links are all in the song select screen.


FUCKING LAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's like guitar hero for poor people. (good)
the controls are simple(good)
the songs are cool (good)
if there are more than two notes on screen...FUCKING LAGS!!!! (BAD!!)


it really started pissing me off. If you fix the fucking lag, I'll consider a better score.

decent game.

but even tho its another "GH" type of game its nice for what it is. but you need to have some things fixed or changed because its hard unless you have both hads with the asdf keys the arrow keys are fine but asdf are the trouble but its good none the less . ( lol run on senstence blah)

It's a good game...

And I've played it quiet a bit but I can't help but feel the notes don't match the beat in the fourth song and it gets rrrrrrrrrreally irretating


It was decent. You definatly need a quality button and the ability to go straight from a song to the song selection screen. Also, some of the awards seem very... improbable to get. Very much like Guitar Hero, but far, FAR from as good. Also, the combo thing is messed up. I would be sitting at x4 for at least 20... is notes the right word for this? Anyway, The letters had to be pressed at the exact correct time. So I'm done with this, I'll go play a real game.


There is no rock star/ rock/guitar flair whatsoever. It's all white and monoton and uses ?8? strings.

Change the controls and the direction the notes come from vertical to horzontal and we're in buisness.

To all the others, download the free game "Frets on Fire", it's a very good Guitar Hero knockoff.

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4.36 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2007
7:08 AM EDT