SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2

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*** Flash player 9 required! This game was coded in AS 3.0 ***

UPDATE: I changed a few things for the facebook version (partly to make it more casual gamer friendly) and it seemed silly not to bring those changes over here too, so I did. If you spot any bugs I'd really appreciate a PM. Thanks for all the reviews/messages/emails too!

Guitar rhythm game featuring 14 great songs, 6 guitars and a crazy stickman!

Practice and improve your scores to unlock new songs and guitars. :)

There weren't enough Audio credit slots on here, but the links are all in the song select screen.



this is awesome!

I love this game!

I love rhythm games, this one's no exception. The only thing I would've liked was like a combo meter to show when you would get the combo multiplier, since when you would get a combo seemed to change, but it's no big deal. It didn't change the game.

Would've been cool if you made this in time for the Rock Out contest.

Brings me back to Frequency and Amplitude!

First off, I'd like to quote this for lulz "you should have made it more variated like 10 punk/10 metal or something like that." - because 10 punk/10 metal is insanely diverse =D.

So then, this game is amazingly smooth! It runs well, the songs sync up almost perfectly (there are a few places where notes really threw me off, whether or not you planned it that way I don't know, but I'm assuming you didn't). It reminds me of AMPLITUDE (the AMAZING predecessor to Guitar Hero - you hero junkies should try it!) Thanks for giving me something good to play while wasting my moments online!

Suggestions for improvement, add more variety to the music! Add a little pop/funk in there and see what comes out of it! Anything really - there are hundreds of kinds of music out there.....find a twelve tone song and put it in there....that would throw everyone off - and would be hard as hell to boot!

Nice job mate!

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this game is really impressive!
aside from it's lack of extreme graphics, it is really fun to play.

i like it

good game bro. the flow is very smooth and i like the song choices also. keep it up.

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4.36 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2007
7:08 AM EDT