An Unfortunate Corpse

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*June 2011 Update

For anyone interested in watching more of my recent dark animations and artwork visit my website at:



Collaboration of ideas between me and my mate

The tail of a man who wished for eternal life...with one draw back when under the gaze of the moonlight.

We had been making a few character poems a while back and i felt this one needed to be animated to help show what i was imagining. The character i designed is also in an animation set i made so check that out too www.darkgaruda.deviantart .com

I'm pretty useless when it comes to poetry so my mate did that while i did the rest

You may need to replay this once for reading the poem, and after to see the details i added heh

for the full version of the poem erm i have it somewhere but if you're interested ah whatever...i had to cut some it up so, hope it makes sense and hope you can read it...enjoy!

-Killswitch Engage: 'My Last Serenade'
-Silent Hill - 'Main Theme'
-Silent Hill 2 - 'Stairs of Fire'



Morons say your grammar was bad. They're morons though. Either way, though the animation was promising, the rolling text thing was very tedious - You could try doing the poem as it's acted out in the flash, with a creepy voice narrating it over the animation or something. It would make for a much more watchable flash.

Erm text?

Yeah I was actually waiting for some animation to happen aoart from the guy walking in the background and nothing.

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Didn't really enjoy it...

Nice style, but it wasn't much fun reading through all of that. Maybe narrating it, or adding more then just the looped animation can make this submission better...

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flash is for animation, not weak sauce poetry time. you had some good graphics, but it was way too crowded. i had to lower the quality jsut to get a smooth walk going. lower your fps and get some sort of real animation going. oh ya, and give up poetry, its not for you.


I thought the splash/load page was brilliant. The music and the image of the guy, and the general feel was class, I was expecting a quality moody flick.

Just didn't expect the movie to be an elaborate way of reading a poem. Maybe if the story played out with lines of the poem appearing at bottom of screen at same time, but was just a bit disappointed. Thought the corpse walking was brilliant.

I had a bit of a lag on my machine but not sure if that's cos of a shit connection or shit computer. Just expected more after the quality opening.

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Aug 29, 2007
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