An Unfortunate Corpse

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*June 2011 Update

For anyone interested in watching more of my recent dark animations and artwork visit my website at:



Collaboration of ideas between me and my mate

The tail of a man who wished for eternal life...with one draw back when under the gaze of the moonlight.

We had been making a few character poems a while back and i felt this one needed to be animated to help show what i was imagining. The character i designed is also in an animation set i made so check that out too www.darkgaruda.deviantart .com

I'm pretty useless when it comes to poetry so my mate did that while i did the rest

You may need to replay this once for reading the poem, and after to see the details i added heh

for the full version of the poem erm i have it somewhere but if you're interested ah whatever...i had to cut some it up so, hope it makes sense and hope you can read it...enjoy!

-Killswitch Engage: 'My Last Serenade'
-Silent Hill - 'Main Theme'
-Silent Hill 2 - 'Stairs of Fire'


maiinoki and darkness-darkness are retards

kind of creepy the way you compare the corpse and his body alive.
the music with the corpse walking scared the crap out of me and i hesitated to watch it, im sorry DarkGaruda, i checked your Deviant art, and it looks like you like emo, horror sort of that stuff, im sorry your getting a blam for that and the creepiness of the movie

DarkGaruda responds:

ok hold up one sec. So becuase i like horror you immediately categorize it as emo? Your an idiot dude. My music taste is indie and punk and i don't want to kill myself, i love life. The 'emo' people you talk about are rarely in a constant miserable state. People really piss me off when they stereotype people when everyones unique.
I'm glad you got creeped out. Thats the whole point, its for that kind of audience who like that feeling.

Too much reading

I like reading I really do. At the same time I'm not a big fan of the George Lucas scrolling up school of reading. Especially in a dark letter font with a dark background while trying to pay attention to the movie. The idea is to make things come together. This does not come together at all. In fact it is quite frustrating to read. I don't wear glasses nor do I need them, and I find it a bit insulting to the audience to expect them to try an enjoy the movie in this format. The graphics are decent with the exception of the tweened walk loop. (If you're going to loop at least make it a frame by frame loop) All together I think the reason it got the score it did is because you're working within the popular "gothic" genre which is fine because it has a decent niche. At the same time I don't think this deserves the score it did because it was overworked in all the wrong ways. Next time consider somebody perhaps reading it as a monologue so it doesn't obscure the work itself. That is what the sound is for. Cut it up in Audacity or something.

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i give points because music and the graphics where good but..
try to make the image of the man walking is not the only thing we see.. show us all the story in some animated images which match with the poem.


its nice to c a poem on newgrounds dont get me wrong but a bloke walking along rotting isnt exactly a animation u could of animated the poem alot but gave u a 3 out of 5 for trying to bring abit of culture to newgrounds lol

DarkGaruda responds:

i am indeed lazy

Imperfect, a bore

For those of you claiming that this is good poetry, you really need to diversify your selection of literature. The word choices are trite, the rhythm of the dialog is awkward, and the pacing is too slow. If this be beauty, I'd hate to see ugly.

Moreover, I think we need to ask the broader question of whether or not poetry fits in animation in general. People want to view animation to see, well, animation. Newgrounds is an animation/gaming site, with some emo and expressive works within it, and that is great. However, it is not a repository for online book reading, which is essentially what the author gave to us in this animation, an online book.

Furthermore, IMHO, poetry is overrated anyway. I think many people come to a site like this to escape the ho-hum of the written word. I won't say to the author to never try anything like this again, but he should expect that it might result in a similar kind of reaction on Newgrounds, and he should expect that.

Finally, whereas I never have trouble with Newgrounds animations on my computer, this one suffered significant slowdown. Since it was just a scrolling image/text, I'm really stymied as to how that could happen.

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Aug 29, 2007
7:53 PM EDT

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