An Unfortunate Corpse

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*June 2011 Update

For anyone interested in watching more of my recent dark animations and artwork visit my website at:



Collaboration of ideas between me and my mate

The tail of a man who wished for eternal life...with one draw back when under the gaze of the moonlight.

We had been making a few character poems a while back and i felt this one needed to be animated to help show what i was imagining. The character i designed is also in an animation set i made so check that out too www.darkgaruda.deviantart .com

I'm pretty useless when it comes to poetry so my mate did that while i did the rest

You may need to replay this once for reading the poem, and after to see the details i added heh

for the full version of the poem erm i have it somewhere but if you're interested ah whatever...i had to cut some it up so, hope it makes sense and hope you can read it...enjoy!

-Killswitch Engage: 'My Last Serenade'
-Silent Hill - 'Main Theme'
-Silent Hill 2 - 'Stairs of Fire'



Animation was fine even though a loop but if u want people to be excited about this you should show how it happends through the poems story

i dont really understand???

the poem itself was ok but on the morbid side but ok. what i dont understand is what it didnt explain well, in daylight his ok then when the night falls he turns in to a corpse?

DarkGaruda responds:

i had to shorten the poem quite abit so thats probably why. Hes unhappy with his current life, so he wished for a better one. The crow takes his life away, so hes dead. When he awakens from his tomb he looks and feels better than ever before, only at day however when the moonlight hits, his true self is shown, or somethin like that. Like i said the poem is drastically shortened.


There were some pros and cons.

Pros: Good work on the poetry. I liked the visualization of the creepy character walking while reading the story. Spooky and exciting to read.

Cons: Animation:Poetry Ratio. Lag/Slow Feeling as Text scrolled.

I can't tell whether to grade on poetry, animation, or overall effectiveness.
I'm sorry if I grade low since I expected a little more watching than reading. I guess I wasn't in a reading mood.

hurt my eyes

Sorry man, put me to sleep and hurt my eyes trying to read the black writing on that background. Very beautiful drawings though, but presentation got to me. A voice reading it would have been cool, or more actions than just walking.

But still, very awesome drawings and love the dark theme and interesting poem.

Decent but

it seemed to be lacking to me. The poem was good, but the flash was merely a man walking down a road. if you had the flash match the poem that woulda been better. even if it were just well drawn still frames. I dunno. I was left with a feeling of incompleteness. very anticlimactic. when the poem ended I was like, "oh, here comes the fla-....no, I suppose that was the flash....hm."

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Aug 29, 2007
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