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Well, the following short stories were all thought up while i was...well...stoned. Me and my friends began thinking up the stupidest ideas when we heard songs or saw certain things that inspired us. So over the last few weeks i've been writing down the ideas and making flash movies out of them.

Yes they're short, have no plot or general idea. Either way, this is the product of when you're as baked as me!

**NOTE: I'm an amateur artist and any and all feedback is great - so PLEASE leave a review and tell me what you think.

I also might make this into a series, who knows



random buh p**s xD


If this is what you come up with stoned, then you should buy more pot. Lots more pot.

Pkay responds:

haha thanks, gotta give props to the magic green that inspired it all

It's alright

I thought it was funny. But not like, HAHAHAHA but more like, HAhaha.

Pkay responds:

heh, I guess thats good. Better than getting "zOMG this was suckzorsz" Thanks for the positive info


That was pretty funny.

There were a few occasions where the sound wasn't synchronized with the animation, though

I guess I liked it, it wasn't all THAT funny but it's not bad either : )

Pkay responds:

Thanks for the review. By any chance, do you remember when the sound wasnt synchronized?


The soldier one was MUCH better than all the rest put together. I passed it for that alone. I think I would have given it five stars if you had submitted it alone, whereas with all the drug references and so-so stuff, the sub barely passes.

Not meaning to be funny, but I don't think you really need to tell us that you are an amateur (thats how its spelt) in the notes. You might take that out.

seriously, though, if you want to redo the soldier one, improving it to the best you can and resub on its own as a short, I think you could do better than this score. The idea is worth 3/5 at least with good animation and art.

Pkay responds:

Well thanks for the review. But yes you're right, the soldier one came out by far my favorite and I was really surprised with how well the outcome was. Yeah, some of the others were thrown in with a lot less effort, but I just get really impatient sometimes.

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3.54 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2007
6:45 PM EDT
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