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Aug 29, 2007 | 5:59 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Dog Island,
the island not identified on the map.

In this island,
Dog's half-breeds such as PandaDog, LeoDog, RabbitDog, DochiDog
PenguinDog, GuriDog, HamsDog formed a village and lived happily there.
(PandaDog = Panda + Dog,
LeoDog = Lion + Dog, RabbitDog = Rabbit + Dog,
DochiDog = Hedgehoggy + Dog, PenguinDog = Penguin + Dog,
GuriDog = Raccoon + Dog, HamsDog = Hamster + Dog)

One day,
as dark clouds covered the sky and wind started blowing madly,
an airplane made an emergency landing in the Dog Island.

A Girl named 'DungDung' fell from the plane and lost her mind...

What is the series going to be about?:
It's been 5 years since Pimp and his adviser Bedn took control over Newgrounds. In his arrogance, each year Pimp has held fighting tournaments in which teams of 4 are allowed to compete, the finalists are given the opportunity to test their might against Pimp himself and attempt to relieve him of his throne. So far Pimp has remained undefeated.

A Few Notes:

I started this flash series before the recent upgrade, which is fine because the series is dedicated to the history of the BBS, specifically level icons. Though, who knows? Maybe I'll tie in the new icons if I make a sequel.

The characters seen in the teaser only represent a small number of people that will be seen in the series. So yes, Wade, the other admins, many of the moderators, some important community members, and even some regular members, will all have appearances at some point within the series. (Also, Pico is in the teaser, did you spot him?)

Q: Why the hell is a Level Nine of old, taking on the Number One, and how is it possible that he seems to be holding his own against a Level 30 Icon with just a glove?

A: You'll have to wait until the full first episode is released to find out. Or you can check out some info via my blog here at NG.

Q: What's up with the big circular heads and no hair?

A: They're stick figures, or detailed silhouettes, depending on what the scene calls for. So it makes sense to have circular heads/no hair. Tom is the exception to the no hair rule, being who he is and all.



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seizure warning removal time

this swf file is unsafe for user like me... if there a report button around i'm now reporting for unsafe viewership......


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I have recently come to the realization that THERE ARE CLANS OUT THERE. This is your way of making yourself well known, but in most cases, infamous. This flash is funny and creative. Great work! Maybe next time, give them two floppy disks and have a little dot drawn in the middle to represent a nipple. Anyways, did I mention, LOL?


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why is it rated a

dude thts not even bad tht sucked

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What the hell?

WTF was that man?

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Yet aonther one...whoopdee flippin' doo...

Great, first there's Clock Crew, then there's crappy Kitty crew, Lock Legion, and now Disk Dimension? Greeeaaat.

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