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The kind of poopy...



Strawberry clock is a comic of the highest order. His social satire is top notch among most comedies of the 21st century, though some New Grounds citizens don't like him. He's just ahead of his time, however. Years from now, his flash movies will be studied in universities and college level literary classes, alongside Shakespeare and Leoy Toldstoy.

Plot developement: EXCELLENT. The use of irony is perfect in timing. Many comical satirical points are made to apeal to more mature audiences. Unfortunately, the younger audience may quickly be bored. This offset by sheer enjoyment and comedy.

Strawberry clock, I salute you.

I have never witness such a level of talent EVER

I have never witness such a level of talent EVER
In a distant future people will wonder how Starwberry clock manage to express so many emotions in a single flash he truly is a walking god among us I still can't beging the understand how someone can be so creative and dinamic this must have been a team effort I just Can't believe just one man could have made this im at a loss of words I simply refuse to give it a score a man like me was not meant to judge the work of a god albeit a minor god

You are the man.

I really admire how you've managed to piss off so many people.

Oh my god!

This is too much! Wow!

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That was fucked up

And funny at the same time. It's funny how some retards spend a year on their unfunny flashes and you worked for ten minutes with better results. Keep it up.

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1.92 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2000
12:05 AM EDT