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One Ton Bang Bang

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One Ton was a science experiment, but now he wants to escape. Help One Ton escape from the underground base. Blast your way to freedom. Some rooms may take a little thought to escape. TIP: blast everything!

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I thought that as far as first person shooters go, this wasn't that bad. I think the best part was probably how you had a lot of mobility. I was worried for a second that you were just going to stay in the same place. It is going to take some time for me to really get used to the controls. The sound effects seem really nice. The music ain't bad either.

I think the graphics could have been a tad better. I really do love that "Robocop" movie, so it was great to see the ED-209s come out like that. Destroying stuff is always cool. While not that great, it's fairly good.


only worth 6/10 because you get killed so easily.... but ohterwise pretty fun when shooting all the robots and trying to survive but as i said.. you get too easily killed...
and the music wasnt either that good tryibgt o tell you that now it is hectic or whatever..

This is a solid game

This is a solid game, but I find that this (like a lot of your games) has some flaws in the control design that make gameplay suffer a bit. Here, the big issue is the reload requiring mouse movement - especially since you can't see the cross hair when hiding so you lose your aim. This game is decent, but I found that some little things kept it from being great: there are no bullet animations, the bazooka doesn't feel like a bazooka, there isn't anything that allow o'l one ton to flex his muscles. But the graphics are smooth and not overdone and the concept is solid. Nice effort.


pretty good game, overall gameplay was good.

Well done, needs a little polish though.

Nice intro, nice idea, nice graphics, nice plot. Decent sound and controls. The ape could have used some foot-step noises (but not so loud/obvious that they're annoying, but its a missing detail), and the enemies were a bit, silent, as well as when your character took damage. I know he is a hard-ass, but he should at least grunt or show some sign of being hurt. And the music, while good, needed more variety: it got old. I think maybe a little metal might be more fitting ;-). The WASD movement and mouse aiming, were absolutely excellent. But the clicking a button to reload? Awful, just destroyed the flow of the game. Now, I understand maybe you intended for it to be like that to take the player's concentration off of aiming, then fine, but at least make it so that the character doesn't fire their weapon when you click reload. My recommendation, however, would be to hotkey reloading to "R," but make reloading take a few moments so that its not too easy. That way the player can still focus on your neat visuals and taking advantage of cover while blowing guys away. It keeps the pace up. Otherwise, the game is as simple as "hide behind object, peek out to kill stuff, reload, repeat." But beyond those critiques, this was a well executed, simple yet effective idea for a game. With a little polish this game could be really great. Maybe extend it a bit too like others have recommended, and using numbers to switch weapons would be a nice touch too. If you wanted to really get the game smokin, you could try making the cover system more akin to Gears of War, so that the character can actually latch onto cover, peak out and aim, and the enemies lay down supressing fire. I understand this would be perhaps a very different game from the one you intended, but I think in the end it might be a bit more enjoyable, having more complex gameplay. As of right now, your game is enjoyable, but too simple to really shine. I recommend you go for a sequel using this same idea and principles, but spend a little extra time creating a more complex system. Graphically, you did great, but visible bazooka rounds and effects for the bullets hitting things (besides enemies) would be desirable. The moving arms however, was a great detail, and came out very smooth. So, the controls and small sound goobers aside, great job. Also, I love the little touch of "Good Night" written on the back of the Bazukas, haha. I hope to see a great sequel out of this, hopefully with more complex gameplay ;-). Good luck, nice job, and keep at it.

glowmonkey responds:

wow, thanks for the very detailed and well written review. You've made many excellent points. Thanks.

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3.71 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2007
10:38 AM EDT