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Sprite practice

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[edit] Please leave a review or somthing, I love reading those oh and by the way the TMK credit is the mushroom kingdom .com ;]

Dont bother watching this if you don't like random stuff its the first sprite use flash I 've done so it's kinda noob style. not much sound. Since I now have the hang of this if anybody wants me to im willing to submit a spriter tutorial.

Try da guess what show I was watching while I made this,
a hint is at the end.



It was alright...

Need more practice.
Pretty good.

Actually add sound.
More obstacles.
More humor.

~~Strong Points~~
Use of Chris Angel.
A good sprite sheet.

~~Favorite Part~~
Having the bricks fall.

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haha i thoguth it was neat, for a first sprite, why the hell not? i just staret dsprites to, and took me a while to figure out the moving concept and addign the backgrounds, sim im a damn idiot. i hope i can make my first sprite soon. XD i just got to watch knuckles run across megamans background areas :) LOL. but this was cool, lmao and chris angel is the bomb.

Davood responds:

lol...the bomb

Good for a first time.

I'll admit, it's not the best sprite movie ever, but if it's really your first sprite movie, it's good for a first. Better than my first try, anyway. Like ps2freak135 said, it could've used more sprites. A little on the short side, too, but other than that, it was O.K.
I couldn't believe it, but I acually think for a minute to remember who Criss Angel was. :/ I haven't seen that show in a loooong time.

Davood responds:

well actually thats exactly what im doin in my next sprite more characters and objects

nice for first time

next time you should try to get some more sprites but it was good for firsts time :D

good humor too, criss angel lol

Pretty good

Not bad for a first try.

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Davood responds:

thankyou too

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2.31 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2007
7:32 PM EDT
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