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lol d00d i hait clokz dey r so ghey so i maed dis movee to show u y

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Damn straight!XD

I always knew that CC runs this place besides just Tom and Wade Fulp. ^_~ Nice one, Jeff! ^__^

And bifgis, get a life, ya whiny butthurt! :P

Go CC!!

the movie's right. CC run newgrounds and they will never die!

i <3 SBC!

Well done!

The clock crew run newgrounds! You cannot kill the clock crew! Thats why I joined it! Fifen

Jeff-Mc responds:

Yer god damn right, buddy.
Long Live the CC.

Way to go!

it just so happens i hate clocks too >.< they are EVIL! cool looking movie also

Jeff-Mc responds:

Thanks for the compliment.
Oh, and fucking LOL.

Not funny, but not bad

It wasent bad, it did make a point sort of. Well, i thought that the Graphics were ok, so, 6/10.

Jeff-Mc responds:

I'll take it and call it a win.