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Pirates: An Expose

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Author Comments

Very often do I find myself questioning my sanity, as well as other things about my mind. I find myself asking questions like, "What is the reason for my existance? Am I here for a purpose, or simply to co-exist? Is there a plan for me? Is everything I do pre-determined?"

This flash video was made for the sole purpose of questioning those very things, and I hope that it addresses them in a way that everyone can understand. This was a year-long project (I've been working on it since the end of last Clockday) so I'm hoping everyone will be able to understand it's psychological meaning and purpose and not just view it as another ClockDay flash.

Please, vote and review fairly!

Happy PirateClockDay everyone!

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At the beginning, the words crawling at the bottom of the screen were illedgible...
Idk if this was intentionall?

nyiddle responds:

It was.


hope you didn't intend for the scrolling text on the bottom to be readable - cause it isn't

nyiddle responds:

That makes no sense.
And yes, it was intended.


Honestly, I just dont get it. I may be just one of these dopes with a low IQ, but I just dont get it. I had to stop after 5 minutes of watching the same thing... The intro was waaay too long, but thats just my opinion. I mean, if Im alone in thinking this way, then ill be quiet, but still.

nyiddle responds:

Some people just don't understand the ability of the human mind. You are one of those 'some'. You will not be saved.


the begining was realy good only the letters where unreadable onle read 7 words or something

nyiddle responds:

Here's the entire thing. I typed it out but Flash fucked it up I guess. And they were supposed to be unreadable.
"oh god why does my life have to be so torturous i go through every second just wishing i would fucking die already. i am nothing but a pig scum, my life is worth absolutely nothing. if i were to die tomorrow i wouldnt count for anything. god should just lay a
thunderbolt in my fucking skull so i don't have to live another life of this stupid shit. god the tv is on right now but i don't even care,
i'm like a fucking pig. my life is not worth anything and i
go through every fucking second just wishing the next day would be over. i get through each day barely even and i just wish that the next day would be over so it could just be one day closer to my death. i mean, i don't want to commit suicide but i dont know what the fuck to do. i am such a worthless piece of shit god... this song is fucking tasty isnt it. if you're still reading this congratulations but even then my fucking life is nothing but shit. every single second. i am not even emo but i don't care about anything anymore. io just... want to lay in bed and gkjaksdkf lket closer to mfxsaf yma my demisekjsaflkkd please god justkmasfdl justkadl;kal;fl;ak4dfalkjfhaljsdfhasd fkherkjhsaflkjasdfsdafkjhsdalhskjadfh wesrmbnfsaukjsdfmbnsdafiguasermn,afsd lhkasdfh,jasdlfhkjsaldfhksdalkhsadlfk jhsdalfhkasdfhskdjaahsdfhskdjaflhkjsd aflhkjsdalfhkaserkjbfcmnambn dfhkja fkdj hkjfsdkj lkhjfhkj help me oh godlkjdfslkjaslfhksakfhkjsd my eyes are bleeding please fucking help skdjafkjsafdkjsafj asj oh jfaskjfkjsafdh3qjhjkfsdahkjxczviyujes r,mnsacfkjsafkdjwaermnsdf,mnsakujesrk jas,krjscflkjaskdfjaslkrdjasfd,mnsakj wesrkjsakdjfd"