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Yay Daily 5th! This is all I ever wanted. Thanks NG :D

=====Z- SWITCH WEAPON=====

You can buy things while paused.

I apologize for the terrible icon quality. MS Paint is all I have... :(

This is basically a shoot stuff out of the sky game. It gets tricky after level 10. I hope you have fun playing it :D I was a little inspired by Red. I tried to take it the other way though.

Instructions come during gameplay.

Thanks: Jay, Ashton, Rachel, Alex and Jack for beta testing. Flashburn for cool music. :D


pretty good

i like it it seems to be a lot like a mix of other games iv played n1 oh and ones i havent played 6/10 icons are not that bad


But not enough to make me want to play twice =/

johnfn responds:

Ah well. I gave it a shot.

This Game...

I enjoyed it except a couple of upgrades are needed.

1. First off, I was hesitating to play this game because of it's title, try and come up with something more inventive instead of "awesome shooter game"
2. I would like to see a better upgrading system, maybe after each level the screen pauses and brings up a list of upgrades INCLUDING the price
3. Killing slightly harder characters should resort in more gold being received, I mean I takes so long to kill the ones where the bullets just bounce straight off, yet I only get +5 for killing them?

If you found this review helpful please PM me telling me what you thought.
Happy game making. :)

johnfn responds:

1 - I guess its just a taste thing. I mean that guy egoraptor simply abuses the word awesome and no one hates him for it. Not that I'm trying to rip him off.

2. Well the prices show up in the money text box. It's kinda subtle.

3. You're right.

Thanks for the review!


good shall i say it agin!?


Well, to be honest it has all the basics of a good game, its smooth, looks good, and has little bugs, it just needs more originality and more variance in gameplay. ie, u should be able to move the shooter side to side with the arrow keys for better positioning, also i noticed on easy mode, it wasnt all that easy. With a bit more variance this game could be very enjoyable and its good to see you have mastered all the areas of flash animation (which i know does take a while, ive tried :)) so good luck with your future projects as i think you have a future.

johnfn responds:

Hmm. Alright. I'll be back. Thanks for the support ^^

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3.71 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2007
10:33 PM EDT
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