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'Enter Blank'

This movie is the second in the 'Enter' series, featuring a random story about each Kronzo character. This time around, Floyd accidentally hits Blank with his car after his brakes malfunction. What will happen?

Music by SFX



Needs a lot of work...

I'm so glad that your drawing ability has improved over the years since you made this piece (I hope). The car does certainly need more of a make over, to actually make it look anything like a box on wheels. Perhaps the sound effects could be spliced over the top of one another - tyres screech, with the hit in the middle.

There is a modicum of a plot line there and I would suggest that you take it further, so that we're not left with a cliff hanger. There's plenty of file space here, so play with it and give us a juicy plot. What's it going to be, a Frankenstein style thriller?

I'd have had the dollar bill or coin fall out of the guy's pocket as well, rather than just appearing on the floor - it makes things look so much better to have a beginning and an end ;)

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Frenzy responds:

Okay. Thanks for the good review as always.

~ Z

short, random, and wierd

the graphics weren't that good and there was no background. Also, most good flashes these days don't make you press buttons to keep the movie going. Finally, it was just extreamly random and does not explain anything. My advice: Add a background, try to make more detailed animation, not just circular dudes, and explain a storyline that people can understand. Do that and you might have a good flash movie.

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Frenzy responds:

best review yet for this flash, thanks


I can say that it was not the worst thing I watched today...but I would still consider it poor. Keep working on your flash, and for god sakes, if you're going to have someone click to continue a text conversation....put it in the same place all the time. I don't want to have to click all over the screen to advance.

Frenzy responds:

It improves hand-eye coordination though!

Thanks for the review.

hmm deadly

it made my dog do the ass walk on the floor so because the combo made me laugh i give 5 and a 10

Frenzy responds:

Well, thanks for the 5 and the 10...lol

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2.21 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2007
12:10 PM EDT
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