D4ilytoon # 331

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Author Comments

http://insho.newgrounds.c om/
he had about 8 ten paragraph long news postings about us before, but he deleted all of em

Today is fucker friday, and the lucky fucker of the day is... Insho! Everyone give a round of applause for this idiot who you surely know nothing about, but are about to get a whole lot more familiar with. Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this, you guys did great

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My asshole of the month list

your going on it

A hoax!

Your whole thing was a lie! I found it out. Insho posted that thing on his page the exact day of the comment he posted to this. His post was his first and his last post since November, 2008. He has no blams or protect ponts, and nothing except for a news post. Therefor, Insho is made up by one of these beings who is part of the lie...which by the way is slightly pointless...oh well, I don't really care...at all...go get a life(s)

Take care, oh, and I liked the animations, bye. :D

TheStarSyndicate responds:

lmfao you are a retard insho was not fake.

insho asked for tom to delete him after we dragged his non existant reputation through the dirt with this flash. then someone made a new account with his name.

insho is probably using a different alias now

Sounds fun...

For what ever reason some nerd tried to take an insult seriously, it was hard enough to tell if you were actually making pure fun of him... or shedding some pity. Either way it works for me since I just don't give a damn. :D Good collection anywho.

well... Meh

Rtil your animation was great, the rest... not so much. Don't know the real story behind this, and don't really care, though making a huge collection just to target one guy... seems like a waste.

... O_o

Well.. That was intersting. Not sure who this guy is. Or what exactly hes done. lol.
But XD Okay.. Intersting movie.. Uh.. Lets make it not so hateful. Think we have enough of that inlife.

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2007
11:35 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody