Surviving Ripley High

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yea i had to change the name cause i dont want to get introble by my school
.....in this game you travel through a school trying to solve a mystery...very funny!
ok so this took me a while to make. this is my first flash game so when rating plz rate me on how good i done for a first time. now some ppl may think that the audio while walking around the halls is annoying. i tried making a turn sound off button but then the whole program went wacky so i took it out. idk if it was from the buttom but i wasnt taking chances. so just turn the volume down lol...but make sure you turn it back up for cut scenes. i just hope you like it and think its funny. have fun!..............oh yea i spell boy like boii because its a inside thing with my freinds...and i am sure i spelled more stuff wrong to but try to
look past that haha................... i will make another sometime ill prob start in 2 weeks soo keep your eye out

the characters in this game are fictional this does not in any way represnt the school of ridley...just to let you know..i dont want any one thinking that ridley is a bad school cause its the opposite of that.



yeah this is a fun game i love it and its funny too and the secrets are really cool too except the locker that u have to type the number in doesnt have anything but still its funy and also i laughed a lot good job! make another one please!!!

Um not bad.

Although even overseeing things like "boiiiiiiiii" fifty times you spelling and grammer is absoluteley horrible. I mean would it kill you to capitilise? And would it kill you to fit the paragraphs in the boxes? Other then that you have a classic rpg that isnt super long which I like nice work.

good for a first time.

If this really was your first time it's okay but there is one glitch I spotted. When you're playing tennis the racket for the player won't move. And just so you know boy is spelled with a y.

playaxx7 responds:

thanzk for the review....and i couldnt find a way to fix the tennis i should have taken it out but i kept it in there idk why....but for boiii thing...me and my freinds say it like that lol thats why

Good Job,

Good Job, I finished the game in less than 15 minutes. But it was good, beat that lazy theiving nerd.

playaxx7 responds:

do you think it was too easy...cause i had put more clues cause ppl are idoits lol

Cool Game

I like the game nice style. I acually live near Ridley.

playaxx7 responds:

hey man thankz iam glad you liked it...where do you live?

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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2007
8:22 PM EDT
Adventure - Other