Surviving Ripley High

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yea i had to change the name cause i dont want to get introble by my school
.....in this game you travel through a school trying to solve a mystery...very funny!
ok so this took me a while to make. this is my first flash game so when rating plz rate me on how good i done for a first time. now some ppl may think that the audio while walking around the halls is annoying. i tried making a turn sound off button but then the whole program went wacky so i took it out. idk if it was from the buttom but i wasnt taking chances. so just turn the volume down lol...but make sure you turn it back up for cut scenes. i just hope you like it and think its funny. have fun!..............oh yea i spell boy like boii because its a inside thing with my freinds...and i am sure i spelled more stuff wrong to but try to
look past that haha................... i will make another sometime ill prob start in 2 weeks soo keep your eye out

the characters in this game are fictional this does not in any way represnt the school of ridley...just to let you know..i dont want any one thinking that ridley is a bad school cause its the opposite of that.



Spend more time in school and less time making god-awful Flash games about it. You might actually learn something - how to use the English language, for a start. :P

pretty fricking awesome

i give it a 10 for a few reasons 1 i'm impressed with the details making it look exactly like ridley high school 2 theres actual people who go to the school in it and 3 i go to ridley and gotta support fellow ridleyers. but if your not from ridley this is still a sweet game check it out.
and after your done checking this game out check my videos out at www.youtube.com/bucklerproductions

pretty good

i really liked this one. it was funny...good job!

i thought this was a very good game

for a first time....this was really good. yea your grammer was a off but who cares it did not take away from the experience soo ppl that are rating him on that should chill. like someone eles said b4 it wasnt to hard which was good. all and all i thought it was really good sooo make another lol

Keep trying..

I think you could make it with a bit more effort..grammar was lacking the ending wasnt the best.

Keep on trying for it.

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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2007
8:22 PM EDT
Adventure - Other