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The object of Hexiom is to arrange all tiles in a way that they are adjacent to exactly the number of other tiles as they are showing.
Includes 40 levels which start out easy, but get very difficult.
Also includes random level generator, and an editor for you to build and share levels with friends.


a wonderful puzzle game

great design and great interest in the construction.

very good game


i love it that people still make puzzles and puzzle games it gives me hope that were not all a bunch of drooling idjits. great work with the whole thing it makes you think like all good games should. connect was great too. keep it up for all humanities sake. PLEASE

lol peace

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An underrated gem

Well done. Crisp layout, good production values, wonderful boldness in ramping the difficulty up. All-around one of the best flash I've ever played in this genre. It has been a pleasure to spend a few hours crunching through all the levels over several days. The inclusion of 40 levels made for a solid feel, particular thanks for the care selecting such good boards.

As remarks to fellow players - indeed, around 18-20 or so some hard boards appear - that goodly time comes around to power up the mental wattage versus intuitively shuffling things around to happily discover a solution. Things get more tightly woven and the variants of solution cut down sharper to require logical induction and deduction for key pieces in the right places. Working different angles of approach, negative space rather than positive, applying an analytic eye at probable symettry vs assymetry, and so forth, helped me a lot at this point.

My only critique, and it doesn't subtract from thinking this is a 10, is that the music (which is pleasing) could use some variance. When you've been at that vexatious board (which board will vary by player) for a while and are going arghh! you can find yourself wishing for something to jar your mind to fresh approaches, and a background shuffle of the track at the 15 or 20 minute mark on a board would have been a deft touch.

Kudos. Brilliant game.

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cool puzzle game

It was fun. I gave up and stopped on lvl 18. It is very hard. But Tecnologicomarplayer I beat your level in 1:57 so... it must not be so easy to make super hard level if a person who could not get past lvl 18 could beat yours so easily eh.

very nice

great game,very addicting and challenging,great work
keep em comin

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4.05 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2007
6:17 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding