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Been working on this flash for two days now, the sound is spot on while testing it in flash and when watching in on my comp. But when I upload it, the sound goes 2-3 seconds off sync.. And I have no idea why. Something wrong with NG's preloader?

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This was ok, i liked the animation and the art though it wasn't the best, also the story didn't make much sense to me, making more sense would make it better but good luck anyway :P



Powdered toast man!?!

O God the memories of Ren and stimpy lol...

Ah Your animations have made my day dude. Made my day.


This was a veritable cornucopia of freakin' sweet! ^_^ Are you, by chance, inspired by David Firth (Doki)? Because I see and hear some things that seem to have something of that style. You draw brilliantly, and pTm was a delightful and unexpected cameo!

Slipziq responds:

Hey, thanks for your review :) I like the work of David Firth, but the soundtrack used just happens to be one of my favorite tracks (Boards of Canada) and fitted nicely with the animation, and I know it's also used by David Firth in his animations :)

Mind boggling

I liked the detailed settings you can see here, the scenes are mind boggling and makes you try figure out what is really happening.

Overall this was a very well drawed animation. But if I were you Slippy, I would try to come up with a short story, not get so bored with one type of scene, expand the scene to like one alley and another alley, and make up a short plot man, c'mon it is not that hard.

Interesting but random

There was a lot of interesting things happening but nothing was ever concluded. It's like a bunch of clips from different stories stuck together, pointlessly

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4.01 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2007
5:29 PM EDT