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Newgrounds Log Bytesize

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I have made this for Newgrounds Log for the Bytesize that is being created on the site.

It is short for a reason and it has no sound for a reason.

This is to try and remind people to get their stats and to be a stats whore like many people on Newgrounds Log.

It isn't my site by the way.

There are no more flashing words.

A lot smaller in size.


Don't submit that here

It was good, I rated it as if it was actualy on the bytesize, not alot of things happening, plus it is supposed to be funny, ironic, compelling, or weird, it can also do with sound effects, and maybe you should get someone with professional recording equipment to do you a favor and narorrate it for you for free.
also you need to send it to TomFulps Pm. I suggest you upload it here
Then give that link to TomFulp, if it ends up better then this, yours might get featured!

Simple responds:

Thanks and casualty was supposed to be adding sounds into it.

And i am not trying to get it on Newgrounds Bytesize but on Newgrounds Log.

sixflab approves this message

Simple and to the point, it makes a great representation of NG Log that shows what all of us statwhores try to achieve everyday.

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Simple responds:

Why thankyou for taking the time out of your day to watch and review this movie.


I really like it. It's short, it's simple, it's (almost) perfect for NG Log! But the flashing text can be annoying after a while... so maybe you can change that?

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Simple responds:

I will replace the file for the none flashing one and i will see if it is better by reviews.

It is still almost a half MB...

Which seems rather high for something like this. Which I assume would be posted on the site as a sort of banner ad? Seems like a large download for an ad. I like the graphics used, and the message is somewhat amusing. Not sure I like the rainbow-flashing text much. And isn't threatening that a puppy die very much like threatening that a kitten die... which seems very much like an already dead horse being beaten... severely.

Simple responds:

I suppose it is pretty high but Casualty seems pretty pleased with it.

So im not complaining.

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3.36 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2007
5:09 PM EDT