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Aug 23, 2007 | 6:00 AM EDT

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With the casino open, it's your chance to test your skill against the dealer in Big Bomb Blackjack.

This is one of 3 games we launched a couple weeks ago. I debated submitting it, as it is just a blackjack game, but we've gotten decent feedback on it and we're building additional casino games
to go with it.

It's been nearly two years since my last submission to Newgrounds, and what do I have to show for it? One minute of animation. This is more like 3 collective weeks worth of work, so don't get overexcited. The other hundred weeks or so were spent on irrelevant Flash and slacking in general.

Shoo Fly has the most intense frame by frame animation I've ever made, and as a result, I'm very tired of drawing Nelly. Tired of drawing, period. This experience has reinforced my decision to not pursue animation as a profession (maybe character design is more to my liking...). My mouse's left-click button is now a different color from the right-click button. EDIT: I'm sorry to have confused and dismayed some of you - I'm still going to animate stuff. Just not for a living.

Anyhow, you may notice there's a newer trackbar. It's a vast improvement over the one I designed for FFA+ - heavily inspired by Media Player Classic's interface. And by "heavily inspired," I mean "completely ripped off from." The thing will tell you how many seconds have loaded, so feel free to start watching whenever. You can also step through the animation frame by frame, speed through it at any rate (even backwards), and adjust the volume. Clicking the screen or pressing spacebar will toggle play/pause. The rest should be self explanatory.

**I just want to assure everyone once again I read all the reviews you leave on a daily basis! Thank you to everyone who is leaving one!**

**If you'd like to make a donation of ANY kind to keep me motivated ;) my paypal account is**

We've all heard the song. I decided to make a music video out of it!

After three painful/agonizing years of work (one year creating it, one year mourning the loss of all my work on it due to a virus, and one year recreating it from scratch), my music video for Haddaway's, "What is Love?" is finally complete.

***If you are lagging, try turning down the quality by right clicking***

Although it is a day late for Valentine's Day, hopefully you guys can still enjoy it!

Don't forget to watch past the credits! ;)

Some fun facts :
Movie length is 4 min and 30 seconds
12,193 total frames
1,375 symbols
absolutely everything was mouse-drawn
Countless cans of Mountain Dew and Mexican Fiesta flavored Cheez-Its were consumed during the making of this music video
Along with the hidden items, there are secret buttons throughout the movie. See if you can find them all!

I take no credit for this awesome song but all Animation was done by me.
This movie got me thinking.... What exactly, is love?

EDIT: The side bar should be fixed now! :)



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i didnt like it that much but last time i called..

the last time i called somthing crap my message it got deleted so instead it was a peace of shit game


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Misleading Crap

Your information sounded like a game you wanted to play, but in fact, it was just a piece of shit that you already have submitted a couple of times! I don't get how this didn't get blammed since it was just bad! Sheesh, don't submit this stuff! Stupid disks..... on weird stuff... not fun!

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