Boss Bash

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Thanks for the nomination for best game in the 2008 tank awards! It's an honor to be listed amongst the other candidates!
Take on 3 classic video-game bosses. WART, ABOBO, and THUNDERBIRD. Can you get 3 stars on all 3?

There are a few easter-eggs which can help you if you're struggling to get 3 stars. Some of these bosses will be pretty tough if you've never played the original games before.

This started as a part for a collab over a year ago, but the collab fell apart, so I polished my parts off and made them into a compilation of my own. I could probably code a few of these a lot better now if I started from scratch, but I just hate seeing my hard work go to waste.

UPDATE: Wart freezing bug fixed.



yes i spelt shugar rong on purpose this game is shhhhuuugar

frickin hell

you should try to make it much easier, cause to me, this is a piece of crap

bad, sorry

its bad, sorry but 2 bosses are unbeatable and the human boss is too difficult

1 star for the graphics


made it too difficult than origional

Horrid remake of original greatness

First off, the movement ability in these games are slow and slippery. Feeling like any attempt to do anything is foiled by bad design rather than poor gaming skill.

Wart I remember, however, the sizes are all wrong in the game, making it much more diffiuclt to see what you are doing. The level is bugged the first time i played it i fell THROUGH THE FLOOR at random and died. The game also seems to heavily work against the player, he launches his bubbes exactly as a new vegetable appears if you do not have one, yet if you do have one, will wait until you throw it, are out of alignment, or if all else fails your throw randomly dies first.

Throwing a LoZ battle in there is a waste. LoZ has a long history of teaching you the new moves and letting you solve things. Throwing you into the final boss fight with everything unlocked isn't just difficult, it goes against the very spirit of the game. "Thunder bird, i have a spell called thunder, maybe that works?" is not the way it happens. its "i just attained this new spell called thunder, and here's the thunder bird, i'll give it a shot"

The street boxing game was just plain bad. The barrel even hitting the enemy the max number of times only takes him halfway down. using your fists is suicide. Remember those pesky slippery controls i mentioned at the beginning? that's where this comes into play. its slow, laggy, and slippery so you can't coax the enemy into punching and sneaking in a hit between, the only way to hit him without being knocked down and losing a quarter of my health bar is glitching up into a spot where he did not register my presence, though the infinitely respawning minions still could.

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Aug 23, 2007
2:27 AM EDT
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