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Thanks for the nomination for best game in the 2008 tank awards! It's an honor to be listed amongst the other candidates!
Take on 3 classic video-game bosses. WART, ABOBO, and THUNDERBIRD. Can you get 3 stars on all 3?

There are a few easter-eggs which can help you if you're struggling to get 3 stars. Some of these bosses will be pretty tough if you've never played the original games before.

This started as a part for a collab over a year ago, but the collab fell apart, so I polished my parts off and made them into a compilation of my own. I could probably code a few of these a lot better now if I started from scratch, but I just hate seeing my hard work go to waste.

UPDATE: Wart freezing bug fixed.


Could use polishing

This was pretty good even though the gameplay was a little bit off, Zelda looked the best but I couldn't find the hit area for the first form (The second form ended up being the face, used thunder to change him)

Next I tried Mario, and I have to say that one was the wierdest, it was nearly impossible to get a veggie because the damn bubbles kept destorying them, maybe a rest time between shots would be nice.

No real comment on DD, It was a good tribute sort of thing.

Excellent, Nostalgic

I'm not quite sure what Alter-native (below) 's problem with this is... its an excellent piece of work and quite fun to play, challenging but, but after a few tries very beatable... these were games made when games were ment to be difficult, a challenge...

Glossy, but Shameful Rehashes.

None these play like the original. They look sprucy, but they are slippery and glitchy.
Lets take Mario Bros. 2 for instance, you abandoned Luigi but kept Toad. Now If everyone remembers Mario Bros. 2 abilities, they should remember that Toad was the strongest, and by strongest, I mean that he can pull veggies out the fastest. Big freaking deal! Whereas Toad was strong in pulling things out of the ground, he was a terrible jumper, and guess what? Jumping on platforms is the more required skill for the game, and since Mario was the second strongest and quite a good jumper, it made Toad practically useless. I'd rather play Princess Toadstool then Toad. She may not be the best when plucking out freak radishes, but man! Can she float or what! Now Luigi is a much better jumper then his brother Mario, but of course he is a wuss and cannot pick up veggies as fast. Now get this, in this level you fight Wart and apparently, you can't pick up veggies, you catch them instead. Plus, you have these platforms that you have to jump onto. So my goodness! You omit Luigi, the master of platform jumping for the nearly worthless pipsqueak who can not only not use his "power" in this stage, but also has to master jumps nearly impossible in order to end up getting hit by bubbles while sliding out of control? Well let's move on...
Double Dragon... Once again you omit a superb character, Jimmy Lee. Oh sure, Billy Lee is dandy and all but you've taken the "Double" out of Double Dragon and thats a crime so heinous that the Shadow Master and his ex: The Dark Queen would approve of it. What do you have against brunettes anyway? Can only blondes satisfy you? The Dragon Twins have spent their lives fighting the evil Shadow Master and his cohorts Abobo and Karnov. Yet, you gave them a makeover that did them no justice whatsoever. Next...
Legend of Zelda 2: Links Adventure
This one has the best look, but alas, its just not as authentic as playing the real thing, in fact, I advise all of NG to play the real gems instead of messing around with this rehashed trash. May the author develop some real love for the games he wishes to emulate and may he develop some better actionscript skills.

BoMToons responds:

I just chose them for balance: Toad=fast, short jumps, PRincess=High jumps, but slow, and Mario=middle ground. Sorry I left out the "double" in dd :P I thought Zelda 2 was the most authentic of the bunch.

Sure brings back memories...

BTW, don't feel bad if you get your ass handed to you constantly. This is not the play control of the original games. The gameplay concepts are the same, but the execution is subtly different in a million ways. In a way, I guess that could be considered a good thing for all us old farts, it means we'll have the challenge of mastering these bastards all over again. :P

BoMToons responds:

Yeah, it's not an emulator, which is part of the charm I'd say. Good luck not smashing your controller in frustration.

Oh man!

Awesome, this is from the VG Boss Collab right? Good times D:.

Loved it, glad you made those into an actual game, they were really stylish!

Anyway, very nice concept, keep it up :)!

BoMToons responds:

Yeah, OOOOLD good times...I hate seeing hard work go to waste.

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Aug 23, 2007
2:27 AM EDT
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