Boss Bash

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Thanks for the nomination for best game in the 2008 tank awards! It's an honor to be listed amongst the other candidates!
Take on 3 classic video-game bosses. WART, ABOBO, and THUNDERBIRD. Can you get 3 stars on all 3?

There are a few easter-eggs which can help you if you're struggling to get 3 stars. Some of these bosses will be pretty tough if you've never played the original games before.

This started as a part for a collab over a year ago, but the collab fell apart, so I polished my parts off and made them into a compilation of my own. I could probably code a few of these a lot better now if I started from scratch, but I just hate seeing my hard work go to waste.

UPDATE: Wart freezing bug fixed.


Sweet Game

Thunderbird - cast thunder (but you need to be underneath him), then cast jump so you can strike his face and cast shield to take less damage
If your lucky, you can get a streak of hits in, jump and hit, so then he cant recover n shoot more fireballs, after defeating him, pick up the magic refill and cast life, then when fighting dark link, hide in either corner so that you're half on screen so when he jumps at you, you just keep hitting him, then you get the triforce, yay
Abobo - need alot of luck for this one, use the barrel till it dies and then just attack him, but attack him while moving upwards diagonally, so he has a harder time hitting you, so like strike him 2 or 3 times then move out
Wart glitched on me, i got the seltzer n threw it at him, but then he froze and i couldnt do anything, i could still move, but i died if i touched him and nothing was happening

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Amazing game overall. Great nostalgia while keeping the same gameplay but adding something new to the mix. I'd play more games like this in an instant. Megaman, Metroid, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Contra and that's just NES. Then you have Sonic, Kirby, Earthworm Jim, almost endless possibilities.

Fav'd. Well done.


Uhhh, I liked the concept, but they weren't done too well. The camera angles on Wart are horrible, so the player can't jump to the top platform and throw the veggies in his mouth, and you have almost no power when throwing. The barrel always disapears after one throw for me, which makes the game "Hurry up and kill me so I can try again since its impossible" and for some reason he always gets up instantly knocing me over before I get a combo in. The last boss, I got him down to one hit point and died somehow... Which also pissed me off.

hint for thunderbird

cast the jump spell right away, then you can hit him easy
reveiw wise, nice job on this!

fun but hard.

the only one im stuck on is thunderbird he's hard to hit can someone tell how to hit

him pleasesssss.

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3.48 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2007
2:27 AM EDT
Action - Other