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If a clown that was made out of congealed meat....visited an old folks' home.....THIS is exactly what would happen. I've witnessed it several times myself, and felt obligated to share the experience by making it into a Flash cartoon. Enjoy!

Btw, the song is "To Get Down" by Timo Maas. The music video mildly inspired this one.


That was Spectacular

I think you deserve front page for this that was creepy and fantastic only let down was the huge file size. A clown made of meat that likes to fuck with old people. That's some originality right there. Well done.

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Hell yeah.

wow, i really loved it.

i thought this was great, very sickeningly original, but in a way that i found really entertaining to watch. along the line of saladfingers, its just so bizarre its lovable. not perfect, of course. with mostly nicely done drawings and animations, there were a couple exceptions, like it looks like you got lazy while animating the last bit with the grandpa clown getting out of bed and joining meatclown. and the walking animation with the legs of meatclown couldve been a lot better, and perhaps couldve added to the rhythm-theme of the piece. and while i dont normally enjoy humping and vomiting in flashes, this didnt quite go to the extent of disgust. id love to see more, with meatclown doing more strange inexplicable things and generally disturbing the peace.

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Well now...

Very disturbing.
Very creepy.
Very disgusting.
Very entertaining! It was quite the mix of gross stuff that I think a lot of people will enjoy. You've done a good job, and I liked it. I still really don't know what the hell happened but who cares! This is much better then a lot of other crap I see uploaded to NG. Good work!

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I gotta tell you the truth, that scared the fucking shit out of me. I was already freaked out by clowns, now I'm scarred for life :( . Other than scaring me shitless I liked it.

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Aug 21, 2007
10:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original