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Widget Co.

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I'm kinda new, so criticism is welcome!

This started out as a test of my skills with variables, but eventually evolved into this little game. The instructions aren't very specific, so if you have any questions, I'll reply to reviews, although the game isn't very complicated. If I get positive feedback, I'll elaborate on this and make Widget Co. 2.

The basic idea is to produce and sell Widgets so that you can make 1,000 coins within 60 days. I tried to make it challenging, so don't expect to win too easily!

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Good job man seriously nice although it was a bit hard

InnerChild548 Again! >>>

Me again! I beat the game on my first try! And I wasn't really knowing what I was doing. I played all your games. Vote 5 everyday on all your games. I'm a huge supporter of your games. What was weird though was when I got over a 1000 coins and it didn't say "YOU WIN" or something like that. And I don't find the shop very helpful. I'll PM you for any details.


avocode responds:

Thanks! I tried to make it difficult, guess I didn't do the best job. Some people said it was too hard. Maybe there's a loophole? Anyway, it didn't say 'you win' because the game lasts for 60 turns, so after 60 turns it displays your final total. I'm really greatful for your support. :D


WOOT I finally won, and with 1,164! Had to use the coin thing though. I don't know about other people, but it seemed pretty simple to me. My problem was mostly not being able to get the 1,000 coins fast enough. There was so much to buy.

FUN! Make another its a great, original idea! :)

avocode responds:

Thanks for the encouragement!

I won with 1088

I thought I was in trouble there but woo. Didn't use the Widget shop however. Maybe an introduction as to what all the things on the interface mean would be helpful as it took me a coupe of turns before I figured it out, so there was 4 in game days wasted.

For the second one aside from what I just said, maybe pretty it up a little?

avocode responds:

Wow, sorry everyone's so confused!


i beat with 1034 coins ^_^

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2007
5:08 PM EDT