The Walls - Part One

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The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Welcome to The Walls.

Special thanks to Kongregate for sponsoring this.

A lot of sweat, blood, and tears went into this, so please judge fairly, and be sure to play it all the way to the end, because what you find at the end can be used in The Walls - Part Two to obtain access to a hidden feature which you don't want to miss. Other than that, just dim the light, turn up the sound, and enjoy.


This was very intresting

This is very creative and fun to play

magic585 responds:

...so what's with the 0?


you placed subliminal message cause when u go passed the 1/10/10 code and then wait till the rolly heads and then the balloon gets popped and the next code is around bubbles if you waiy he sings so i recorded with my mic and placed it on sound recorder and pressed reverse and since my mic is cheap and so is sound recorder i bearly made out that the beggining is say " a strange enchantment"!!!! but there was more just couldnt hear it!!! how dare u sublimize me!!!!????

magic585 responds:

OK, you caught me. Well, sort of. I wanted to use the theme song from the musical "Moulin Rouge". But I didn't like what the song was about, I just liked the tune, so I selected all the parts with singing and reversed them on Audacity. It doesn't count as evil, because there was no message, it was just a song. And you are right, your mic is cheap. It never actually says "a strange enchantment". Go look up the lyrics for the song "NATURE BOY" by David Bowie and Massive Attack if you want to know what it really says. And SHEESH, why a ZERO just because of reversed message? Sheesh, be fair about it.


it can be a great concept, if you tweak it a little... but it was easy, and all you did was click buttons....

magic585 responds:

Just look at the comments, half the people who don't like it say they don't like it because it is too easy, and the other half because it is too hard... what do you people want from me!? If it's too easy, just sit back and enjoy the artwork and the mood, that's the point of the "game". If you think it's to hard, just look at the comments below, most of the answers are posted. But honestly, this is interactive art, not a game-show. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to return to making part two, which WILL be at least a little harder.


sorry but i don't like this game at all.....constructive criticism is make a new game in which it is fun for everybody


it was very interesting but the concept to whole game doesnt really make sense. All im doing is pushing buttons and making numbers

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Aug 21, 2007
1:07 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click