Metal Gear Yotsuba

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Note: This file was originally stolen by a user and uploaded to Newgrounds without my consent or any credit given to me. Thankfully, that file has been deleted. Much love to Tom and Celestial-Avenger for helping me out. I'm the proud owner of this flash.

Not to leave anyone in the dust, I'll just say that this animation is a cross over of MGS, the greatest stealth-based game of all time and Yotsubato!, which is the greatest manga of all time. So yeah, don't take it too seriously. xD

Yes I know it's stupid.


I still lol'ed

Oh my gosh, I have little knowledge of both Metal Gear and Yotsuba, but man, did I get a laugh! XDDD Good job!

Skaijo responds:

Wow, I'm glad that someone who wasn't familiar with MGS or Yot still enjoyed it. You've got a good sense of humor for sure.


ITS TOO DAMN GOOD TO BLAM XD great job you captured a little girl and forced her to work as a spy that will save the world only for ice cream
lol great job dude you pwnz0rs!

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Skaijo responds:

Thanks for the love, I was worried that there weren't many people on NG that know of Yotsuba.

Does it make ice cream?

Dando as Gray Fox lawl. Was that Yanda? The blonde guy?
I love how you tryed to cram as much Yotsuba stuff in here as you could.
Really nice work xD

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I find this hilarious

Playing Metal Gear, yes I've done that.

Read Yotsuba manga, yes I've done that.

Omg. This was hilarious how on earth did you think of this?

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Skaijo responds:

My family is big on Yotsuba--and my brother-in-law wanted to do some voice acting for me. So we were playing around as I recorded him reading some of my mangas at home until we came across the first volume of Yotsubato!. The recorded session is what's seen in the original Yotsuba Flash. Then my friend Paco came up with the idea of making Yotsuba themed dramas--and soon we came up with a Metal Gear crossover. I didn't think anyone would like it or understand it though as there's not many Yotsuba AND Metal Gear Solid fans out there.

dude stop

ohh god just when I thought it would stop it kept going... I couldn't stop laughing... you just had to keep going... dammit I was laughing soo hard I fell off my bed and crushed my twinkie things... now I have twinkie all over my knees lol... this reminds me alot of a joke my friend made with wimpy and his hamburgers... I can only imagine that yotsubas love for ice cream is the same as wimpy's hamburger fetish... so yeah next time please consider that your jokes are affecting twinkies all across the world...

Skaijo responds:

Whoa... I can't even recognize such a possibility publicly for fear i'll get sued! I hope you washed your knees before writing this review or climbing back into bed.

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Aug 21, 2007
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