Metal Gear Yotsuba

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Note: This file was originally stolen by a user and uploaded to Newgrounds without my consent or any credit given to me. Thankfully, that file has been deleted. Much love to Tom and Celestial-Avenger for helping me out. I'm the proud owner of this flash.

Not to leave anyone in the dust, I'll just say that this animation is a cross over of MGS, the greatest stealth-based game of all time and Yotsubato!, which is the greatest manga of all time. So yeah, don't take it too seriously. xD

Yes I know it's stupid.



haven't laughed so hard at an MGS movie like this in a while.

(Unless Egoraptor unleashes another one) :)

It was awesome. Love the innocents of the main character.
it makes it ten times funnier.

i didn't even mind the graphic, this movie is all audio because once the characters start talking is just non-stop laughing. :)

Nice job!

PS, "What is it? Does it make ice-cream?: LOL! :)


pretty funny

btw bullshock

One of my Favorite Flashes of all time

One Question
"Does this flash make Ice Cream?"

"Wow awesome, what is it?"

This was just 100% epic.

From the start when i saw her i just "WTF ain't that the 4chan mascot-ish girl" and just like that website, this movie is totally lol.

Yet, soooo annoying and stressign and retarded... "ice cream, does it make ice cream".... bwaaahh

10 points to you >:3

Yeah, that's definitely how she'd act.

Man, "Yotsuba&!" is such a fantastic manga. Yotsuba is always so naive and child-like in the comics, so I wasn't surprised that she acted the way she did in your flash movie. Also, I actually understood the multiple references in this video, such as the argument about the beach and Danbo's appearance. Those references helped to make me enjoy this movie even more. All in all, this flash was great.

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Aug 21, 2007
12:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody